Red Ribbon Campus Activities

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  • Shannon High School

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    Friday  (Theme: Red RibbonWeek/Red Ribbon Themed Baggies)

    • Red Ribbon-themed goodie bags with the 2020 Red Ribbon Week theme and schedule will go home with students and staff.
    • Morning Announcement: This (next) week is Red Ribbon Week, and the theme for this year is “Be Happy, Be Brave, Be Drug Free.” Besides participating in activities at school, we are asking all students to take the Red Ribbon message home and share it with their families and friends. You will receive a treat bag in Mentoring today that has a schedule for next week inside. SAB has created a special week for you! Personal stories, guidance, and future dreams will be shared—don’t miss it!

    Monday  (Theme: “Survey Says!”)

    • On October 19, the students took an anonymous Google Forms survey of Shannon High School students. The questions referred to whether or not the lives of the students and staff have been affected by drug/alcohol misuse/abuse and the possible ways in which they have been affected.
    • All students and staff will receive the results of this survey.

    Tuesday  (Theme: “It’s Brave To Seek Help!”)

    • Students and staff will receive BISD-approved FREE sites, resources, etc., where they may find tips, direction, assistance, etc., if they or a loved one are affected by drug/alcohol misuse/abuse. Melissa Orman, the crisis intervention counselor, will help gather the information.

    Wednesday  (Theme: “Dress For Success!”)

    • Students and staff may dress in attire that would fit their dream profession.
    • There will be a guest speaker, Larry Petite. He will present his personal story of growing up within a street gang environment. The presentation will be live streamed on Zoom during the Mentoring classes on Wednesday, October 28. His aim is to influence kids and let them know that it is possible (and much more preferable) to escape an undesirable environment. Also, he will stress that education is the way out.

    Thursday  (Theme: “RED-Y For Natural Highs!”/Wear Red Day)

    • Students and staff may wear red to promote a drug-free lifestyle.
    • Students will watch videos from >Natural .

    Friday  (Theme: Hero Day)

    • Students and staff may dress as their favorite hero.