Red Ribbon Campus Activities

  • Red Ribbon Week | Oct.23-27 

  • Watauga Elementary                             

    Veronica Petty and Michell Tennison, Contacts


    Monday  (Theme: “You KEN Be Drug Free!”/Pink Barbie and Ken Day)

    • Students and staff may wear pink/Barbie and Ken attire.
    • The Red Ribbon Week Pledge will be read during the morning announcements.
    • All students and staff will receive a red ribbon with the Red Ribbon Week theme.
    • A banner with the pledge will be posted on the wall near the 2nd grade restrooms for all to sign.
    • There will be a “Don’t Get Bullied Into Drugs!” presentation.


    Tuesday  (Theme: “Put A Cap On Drugs!”/Hat or Cap Day)

    • Students and staff may wear a hat or a cap.
    • Students will receive a coloring page to complete as a class activity. 
    • A Guessing Jar will be placed in the hallway with the slogan “I’m Not Guessing…I Know I Won’t Do Drugs!” Students and teachers agree on a number of red items in the jar and submit answers by Friday. Winners of a prize will be announced on Friday.


    Wednesday  (Theme: “RED-Y To Be Drug Free!”/Red Day)

    • Students and staff may wear red.
    • There will be links in each teacher’s mailbox for the class to make a chain link. The chain link will be picked up to make a long chain.  


    Thursday  (Theme: “Say NO To Drugs, Say YES To Activity!”/Athletic Day)

    • Students and staff may wear athletic attire.
    • In morning meeting, students will discuss what activities they can participate in other than drugs. (Ex: Sports, dance, family time.)
    • The campus will record “Be Kind To Your Mind!” rap song.  


    Friday  (Theme: “Sock It To Drugs And Live Drug Free!”/ Sock Day)

    • Students and staff may wear crazy, colorful or unusual school appropriate socks.
    • Students will receive a word puzzle or a coloring page as a class activity.
    • The recorded rap song will be played at the Friday lunch.
    • The winner of the Estimation of the Guessing Jar will be announced.