Red Ribbon Campus Activities

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  •  Watauga Elementary

    Veronica Petty and Kristy Hixon, Contacts

    Monday  (Theme: “Be Happy, Be Drug Free!”)

    • “I’m Happy and Bright and Ready to Shine!”
    • Students may wear yellow. 
    • Classroom Activity: Each classroom will sign their virtual “We Pledge To Be Drug Free!” slide. When returned, counselors will print it and hang it outside the classrooms. 

    Tuesday  (Theme: “Be A Hero, Be Drug Free!”)

    • “I Want To Use My Skills To Help Others!”
    • Students will wear a superhero or real life superhero (military, first responders) shirt. 
    • Classroom Activity: In the morning meetings, discuss what makes someone a hero. What character traits do students need to be considered a hero? 

    Wednesday  (Theme: “RED-Y To Be Drug Free!”)

    • “We Wear Red To Show Our Commitment To A Drug-Free Life!”
    • Students may wear red. 
    • Classroom Activity: “Say NO To Drugs, Say YES To …!” activity. This activity may be done together as a class or individually. 

    Thursday  (Theme: “Be On A Drug Free Team!”)

    • “We Are United. We Are A Team. We Will Stick Together!”
    • Students will wear their favorite team’s shirt.
    • Classroom Activity: Students will draw a picture or write about activities they can participate in other than drugs. (Ex: sports, dance, family time) 

    Friday  (Theme: “Wildcats Are Drug Free!”)

    • “I’m Full of Pride for My School and Myself! I Respect Myself Too Much To Do Drugs!” 
    • Students will show school spirit by wearing yellow and green. 
    • Classroom Activity: In morning meetings, discuss how Wildcats can help others stay drug free.