Red Ribbon Campus Activities

  • Red Ribbon Week | Oct.23-27 

  • Birdville High School                                                        

    Kelly Grossman Bethany Fletcher and Erika Juarez, Contact


    Monday  (Theme: “Bury Drugs In The Sand!”/Adam Sandler Day)

      • Red Ribbons with the Red Ribbon Week theme will be distributed to students and staff during Hawk Time to wear throughout the week.
      • Students and staff may dress in clothing like Adam Sandler.


    Tuesday  (Theme: “Team Up To Be Drug Free!”/Jersey Day)

      • There will be a slideshow presentation during Hawk Time that focuses on drug prevention and the damage that comes from it.
      • Students and staff may dress in their favorite jersey.


    Wednesday  (Theme: “We Are RED-Y To Be Drug Free!”/Wear Red Day)

      • During each lunch, a banner will be hung outside of the cafeteria. Students who are walking by the banner can pledge to say “No To Drugs!” by signing the poster.
      • Students and staff may wear red.


    Thursday  (Theme: “Drugs Make You See Double!”/Iconic Duo Day)

      • During each lunch, students will play a game Kahoot that is over drug awareness/prevention/dangers.
      • Students and staff may pick a friend and dress as a pair.


    Friday  (Theme: “We’d Be Lying If We Said Drugs Were Cool!”/White Lies Day)

      • On the Friday announcements, we will include a slide about the dangers and consequences of vaping.
      • Students and staff may dress in white or wear a white t-shirt with a school appropriate “white lie” that they have written on the front.