Red Ribbon Campus Activities

  • Red Ribbon Campaign | Oct. 24-30 

  • Birdville High School                                                        

    Kelly Grossman, Contact


    Monday  (Theme: “We Are RED-Y To Be Drug Free!”/Red Day)

      • Students and staff will get a red ribbon with the Red Ribbon Week theme to wear throughout the week.
      • Students and staff may wear red attire.


    Tuesday  (Theme: “Bury Drugs In The Sand!”/Adam Sandler Day)

      • All classes will make up a ribbon-shaped poster with each student signing a red slip and attaching it to the poster. The posters will then be assembled by StuCo into an even bigger ribbon and it will be hung in the cafeteria.
      • Students and staff may dress in clothing like Adam Sandler.


    Wednesday  (Theme: “Keep Your Life In Check!”/Checkered And Plaid Day)

      • A presentation about the harmful effects of drugs will be provided in each class.
      • Students and staff may dress in checkered or plaid attire.


    Thursday  (Theme: “Put A Cap On Drugs!”/Hat Day)

      • A Kahoot Game will be played by students in each class about Drug Awareness and Prevention.
      • Students and staff may wear a hat.


    Friday  (Theme: “Leave Drugs In The Past!”/Decades Day)

      • At lunch, students will write on a colored strip of paper of a future goal. Students will add each strip to a chain, demonstrating that “We Stand Together Against Drugs and Promote a Healthy Future!”.
      • Students and staff may wear decade attire.