Red Ribbon Campus Activities

  • Red Ribbon Week | Oct.23-27 

  • DAEP (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program)                               

    Ravin McCallum, Contact


    Monday  (Theme: Vaping)

      • There will be a Vaping presentation in Character Education.


    Tuesday  (Theme: Fentanyl)

      • Ravin McCallum and the School Resource Officer will do a presentation on Fentanyl.


    Wednesday  (Theme: Addiction and Recovery)

      • There will be a guest speaker from Recovery Resource Council.


    Thursday  (Theme: Substance Abuse)

      • Substance Abuse statistics will be presented during Character Class.
      • There will be a Healthy Coping Skills Conversation.


    Friday  (Theme: Alcohol Impairment)

      • Students will participate in an Obstacle Course with Drunk Googles.
      • Consequences of Impairment will be presented by the School Resource Officer.