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  • Attention ALL Students, the district has dress code guidelines that you are expected to adhere to, and during enrollment you and your parents/guardians sign that you will follow them. 


    Below is a short review list.  For the complete list please consult the BISD Code of Conduct document.


    • ID’s must be worn around the neck and ABOVE the waist
    • Hair styles & colors that pose a health or safety hazard or cause a disruption, as determined by campus administration, are prohibited.
    • No head coverings of any sort may be worn or seen at school. They may not be carried in hands, nor clipped to pants or bags.
    • Clothing, including hats & accessories, may not display or advertise weapons, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gang affiliation or inappropriate content.
    • Tattoos deemed inflammatory or that pose a distraction to the educational environment must be covered.
    • Pajamas/pajama pants or any form of sleep attire is not allowed, including house shoes.
    • Pants and tops must be worn in a manner as not to expose undergarments or mid-section at any time, including when arms raised. Sagging is not allowed.
    • Jeans with holes that expose skin more than 5” above the knee cap are not permitted. Jeans with holes larger than 3” in diameter will not be permitted.
    • Tank tops with straps less than 2” wide, or those that expose a large portion of the chest and under arm areas (muscle shirts) are not allowed.
    • Undergarments may not be exposed at any time.
    • Tops or dresses that are low cut, see through, lace filled, backless, strapless and/or made with spaghetti straps are not permitted.
    • All shorts, skirts and/or dresses must be hemmed and without holes and/or shredding (no cutoffs), and must fall NO MORE THAN 5” above the top of the knee cap.
    • Form fitting, tight pants, such as leggings, yoga pants and jeggings (with or without pockets), and tights must be covered with a top that falls NO MORE THAN 5” above the top of the knee cap.


    • Las identificaciones se deben usar alrededor del cuello y POR ENCIMA DE la cintura en todo momento y no deberán alterarse de ninguna manera.
    • El cabello del estudiante debe estar limpio, ordenado y bien arreglado. Los estilos y colores de cabello que representan un peligro para la salud o la seguridad o que causan una interrupción, según lo determine la administración del campus, están prohibidos.
    • Los sombreros, gorros, sudaderas con capucha que cubren la cabeza y las cubiertas de la cabeza (incluidos los pañuelos) no deben usarse ni verse en la escuela. No pueden llevarse en las manos, ni sujetarse a pantalones o bolsos.
    • La ropa, incluyendo los sombreros y accesorios, no puede exhibir o anunciar armas, drogas, tabaco, alcohol, afiliación a pandillas o contenido inapropiado.
    • Los tatuajes que se consideran provocativos o que representan una distracción para el entorno educativo deben estar cubiertos.  
    • Pijamas / pantalones de pijama o cualquier forma de atuendo para dormir no está permitido, incluyendo zapatos de estar en la casa.
    • Los pantalones y las blusas se deben usar de manera que no expongan la ropa interior o la sección media (estómago, costados y / o espalda) en cualquier momento, incluso cuando se levantan los brazos. La flacidez (pantalones debajo de la cintura) no está permitida.
    • No se permiten pantalones de mezclilla con agujeros de más de 3" de diámetro o con agujeros que expongan la piel a más de 5" por encima de la rodilla, a menos que tenga mallas o alguna tela debajo de ellas.
    • Las camisetas sin mangas con tirantes de menos de 2 "de ancho, o aquellas que exponen una gran parte del pecho y las áreas debajo del brazo (comúnmente conocidas como camisas musculares) no están permitidas.
    • La ropa interior no puede exponerse en ningún momento.
    • No se permiten camisetas (tops) o vestidos de corte bajo, transparentes, con encaje, sin espalda, sin tirantes y / o con tirantes finos.
    • Todos los pantalones cortos, faldas y / o vestidos deben tener dobladillo, sin agujeros o cortaduras, y deben caer NO MÁS DE 5 “ por encima de la parte superior de la rodilla.
    • Pantalones de talla apropiada o ajustados, como mallas (leggings), pantalones de yoga y corredores (con o sin bolsillos), y las mallas deben cubrirse con una parte superior que caiga NO MÁS DE 5 ” por encima de la parte superior de la rodilla.
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  • Sign stating no student drop off in roadway

    Everyone at Haltom High School cares for the safety of our students, 

    so it is concerning when students are dropped off on Haltom Road.


    With the amount of traffic we have on Haltom Rd. we ask that you please consider your child’s safety.


    We thank everyone that safely drops students off in the designated areas of the Student Parking Lot.

    Also, please always be aware of students crossing the street anytime you drive past the building.


    Students, for safety’s sake - PLEASE be aware when you are walking to school – ALWAYS stay on the sidewalk – do not walk on Haltom Rd. or any other street.  We ask that you watch for ANY Motor vehicle when you are walking to school at ANY time.

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    TV Daily Announcements at HHS
                  > View Announcements on YouTube
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  • SOAR Academy - STAAR Remediation

    SOAR Academy is an anonline resource for STAAR Remediation.  Click on the image for more details!

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  • Cars
    Student Drop Off And Pick Up
    All vehicle operators on the HHS Student Parking Lot will:
    *Drop off and pick up students in the Student Parking Lot
    *Drive in the RIGHT LANE ONLY
    *Drive slowly and carefully (5 MPH posted speed)
    *Steer away from all safety cones
    *NOT drive over ANY parking spaces
    *ALWAYS give right away to pedestrians
    *NEVER drop a student off on Haltom Road*
    Please contact Mr. Cortez if you have any concerns.
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    Drive the Foundation Logo and Birdville Education Foundation Logo
    offer Teen, Adult, and Defensive Driving online courses
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    Haltom High School Logo

    Substitute Handbook and

    Slideshow of Responsibilities and Expectations

    > Click for Substitute Handbook at HHS

    > Click for Substitute Responsibilities and Expectations

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