• Procedures for Semester Examination Exemptions

    ******New District Policy students ARE required to attend classes in which they are exempt.*******
    (Page 8 Secondary Student/Parent Handbook)


    Semester Examination Exemptions (20-21 Only):

    Due to the nature of attendance changes with students choosing online or face-to-face learning, there has been a change to semester exam exemptions that will only be in effect for the current school year. The attendance factor has been removed and an exemption is based solely on their semester average. Students with an 85 and above will be exempt from their semester exam, and we will follow the same class period schedule that we have in the past (odd periods in fall for 9-11; even periods in spring for 9-11; seniors are eligible for all periods).

    • Students in grades nine through twelve are eligible for semester examination exemptions based on grades, attendance, and conduct as specified for each class.

    • Students in grades nine through eleven are eligible to earn examination exemptions in odd-numbered class periods (1, 3, 5, 7) at the end of the first semester, and even-numbered class periods (2, 4, and 6) at the end of the second semester. Seniors may earn exemptions from examinations in any class in which they meet eligibility requirements.

    • Students must maintain at least an 80 semester grade average to be eligible for a semester examination exemption in a class, and have no more than the number of excused absences specified below:

    Grade of 80 to 84 - no absences during the semester
    Grade of 85 to 89 - not more than one (1) absence during the semester
    Grade of 90 to 94 - not more than two (2) absences during the semester
    Grade of 95 or above - not more than three (3) absences during the semester

    • Students with one (1) or more unexcused absences, more than three (3) tardies in a class, or more than one (1) six weeks' conduct grade of N, or any conduct grade of U, may not be exempt from a semester examination.

    • Students ARE required to attend classes in which they are exempt on examination days. An exemption is an exam exemption and not an attendance exemption. Students receiving exemptions are encouraged to take the examination and have it scored.  If the examination score will improve a student's grade average, it will be calculated as part of the semester average.  Otherwise, the examination grade will not be counted.

    • For eligible students who choose not to take the examination, the semester grade will be based on the grades for the three (3) six-weeks grading periods only.