• Senior Meeting April 16, 2021 – 3rd Period

    Attendance & Grades

    • Must be present if F2F or you are marked absent.
    • This is a very “dangerous” time for seniors as they get senioritis and don’t get things completed.
    • All Senior grades are finished on May 20th

    IGC projects (Hoxie-Rogers)

    • All IGC projects must be completed and submitted by April 30th. 

    Cap & Gowns and Invitations pick-up date

    • Invitations – April 16th during lunches
      • Must pay the remaining balance in full to pick up invitations
    • Cap and gown - May 3rd during lunches

    Counselors (Tiphynee Salazar & Shelly Knight)

    • Turn in all scholarship offers even if you are not taking the scholarship 
    • Senior Awards May 11th

    Senior Picnic (Lisa Sandoval)

    • Expectations (you must enter through the gate and have an ID …. Jumping the fence will have you removed permanently) – remote students may not have IDs???
      • No water balloons, water guns, or shaving cream inside the fence/picnic area.
      • Don’t bring, purses, phones, backpacks, etc. as there is nowhere to put them or no one to watch them

    Senior Picture May 21st  

    • Must be in Senior Dress (show models)
      • Men:
        • White shirt with solid black tie
        • Black slacks, socks, and shoes
          • Remember: shoes easy to walk long distances and lots of stairs and over multiple surfaces
      • Ladies:
        • Solid black dress or black or white top with a black skirt (does not show beneath gown) or black slacks
        • Solid (no pattern) hose with toes if open shoes
          • If wearing slacks then solid black trouser socks with black shoes
        • Shoes should be solid black (no “bling”) including heel
          • Remember: shoes easy to walk long distances and lots of stairs and over multiple surfaces
    • Must have gown
    • Expectations
    • Sheet you received is information about ordering the picture.

    Senior Walk – this has been canceled in favor of the senior parade on May 17th (7-8 p.m.)

    • What is it?

    Senior Prom (Emily Ottinger)

    • Date & Time - May 15th – 7-11 p.m 
    • AT&T Stadium - outside
    • Expectations
    • Outside guests must have a sheet completed and signed before you can buy a ticket for them – the age limit is 20 on the day of prom. 
    • Ticket sales May 5-12, 2021 during lunches in the auditorium lobby
    • Seating at Prom is first come first choice of tables – no moving people’s stuff. 

    Senior day on May 21st: 

    • Seniors wear graduation clothes and gown to school
    • Senior meeting on campus @ 10 a.m. in main gym
    • Class picture at BISD Stadium (black hole) @ 1:15 p.m.
    • Sign up for bus to Senior class picture in student services
    • Dismissed from school (11:45 a.m.) to go to stadium for picture
    • Picture taken at 1:15 p.m. at stadium
    • Senior picnic @ HHS from 3:15-6:15 p.m. (what are the times?)


    • Dates and arrival times 
      • Thursday, May 27th
      • Senior arrival time 7-7:15 a.m. 
      • Graduation ceremony starts at 8 a.m.
      • register your name on the “name site”. 
    • Parking & cost – you may have to park far away so leave yourself time to find a parking spot. Also think about what other events may be going on in the area that may delay you … plan ahead
    • Senior dress – is mandatory (see above for description)
      • Remember: shoes easy to walk long distances and lots of stairs and over multiple surfaces
    • What not to bring (no cell phones, purses, backpacks etc.)
    • Expectations – behavior

    2021 Haltom High School

    Senior Dress Requirements When in Cap and Gown

    Please note: If there are religious reasons preventing you from following these requirements, you must speak to Ms. Sheasley or Ms. Pena several days before any senior event.


    When you are participating in an event that requires you to wear your graduation gown the dress requirements below must be followed or you will not be allowed to participate in the event. Events that require seniors to wear their gowns include

    • Senior Picture (gown, no cap)
    • Senior Awards (gown, no cap)
    • Senior Walk (gown, no cap)
    • Baccalaureate (gown, no cap)
    • Graduation Ceremony (cap and gown)
    • First In Family (gown, no cap)


    Seniors Dress Requirements

    • Gown (pressed - do this ahead of time because they are severely wrinkled)
    • Only the tassel may be worn on the cap - no other adornments, writings, or decorations allowed
    • School appropriate hair
    • No flip flops or athletic shoes (black dress shoes only)
    • No facial piercings of any kind
    • Nothing worn outside of gown other than cords, medals, sashes issued by the counselors
    • No bags, backpacks, or purses
    • No gum
    • No cell phones or electronic devices, no earphones/buds



    • Black dress shoes (no athletic shoes)
    • Black hose or tights that cover toes (no exceptions)
    • Dresses/skirts must be black
    • Dresses/skirts must be school appropriate in length but must not show below the robe
    • Dresses/shirts must not show above the collar of the gown
    • Black slacks with black socks or hose
    • Top must meet or overlap at the waistband of skirt or pants
    • Appropriate jewelry


    • Black dress shoes (no athletic shoes)
      • All black cowboy/western boots are acceptable
    • Black socks
    • Black dress pants (no jeans or shorts)
    • Black belt
    • White dress shirt with collar (must be pressed)
    • Black tie
    • No T-shirts with or without a collar


    (Revised 10.26.2020)


    Senior Meeting, Friday, April 16, 9:15 a.m., Main Gym

    We have a meeting for all things SENIOR! You must be there in order to be ready for graduation!

     Herff Jones will also be there to deliver invitations.

     Topics covered:

    • Graduation specifics
    • Senior dress expectations
    • Grade deadlines
    • Spring Senior Events
    • Other information

    Semester Examination Exemptions (20-21 Only):

    Due to the nature of attendance changes with students choosing online or face-to-face learning, there has been a change to semester exam exemptions that will only be in effect for the current school year. The attendance factor has been removed and an exemption is based solely on their semester average. Students with an 85 and above will be exempt from their semester exam, and we will follow the same class period schedule that we have in the past (odd periods in fall for 9-11; even periods in spring for 9-11; seniors are eligible for all periods).

    Senior Meeting February 12, 2021, live feed!



    Spring Meeting AGENDA

    1. Senior Attire/Cap & Gowns -- Sheasley
      1. Senior Dress – Dos & Don’t
      2. Financial Assistance
      3. Attendance
      4. Herff Jones
    1. Counselors — Graduation requirements
      1. Scholarships
      2. You can still pass
      3. Averaging semesters
      4. College Advisor
      5. IGC information – Sheasley for Hoxie
    1. Senior Events — Pena/Sandoval/Ottinger
      1. Fundraising/Senior Activities
      2. Senior Events – District will make a decision about senior events (walk-picnic-prom) after spring break.
        1. Prom info
          1. Date: May 15th
          2. Cost: $80       
          3. Where: AT&T Stadium
    1. Graduation Date and Time
      1. Date:    Thursday, May 27, 2021
      2. Time: 8 a.m.
      3. Place: Globe Life Park
      4. Do not know how many tickets for each family yet.



    FALL SENIOR MEETING -- October 30, 2020





    3. PROM
    4. SENIOR DRESS—mention if they need financial assistance
    6. CAP AND GOWNS— mention if they need financial assistance

    IV.  HERFF JONES: https://youtu.be/ZYYnMWm4PcI


    2. YEARBOOK PHOTOS—NOV. 12TH, NOV 18 FOR DRAPE & TUX BY APMT, DEC. TRIBUTE AD DEADLINE. (Seniors will sign up for 11.18.20 pics on the 12th)

    3. REMIND 101 - @ca8463


    Please record your name pronunciation!

    Click here to be taken to the Name Coach recording site. 

    • Can choose to drop the middle name completely or just do the middle initial. 
    • Can not substitute your official middle name for a nickname.  
    • We will pronounce your name as closely as possible to the way their mother/father says it. 
    • If you have two last names on the official record, the announcer will say both unless you get a legal name change. 
    • The announcer will say your complete first name, no shortenings. 



    Cap and Gown Information

    Herff Jones

    3300 Joyce Dr.  Suite A

    Fort Worth, TX 76116


    COREY SCHNEIDER -- Haltom High School Rep