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    Renee Norris                                         
    Theatre Director                                                                                                                             
    817 547 6126 BOX OFFICE               

    Texas Wesleyan University BA in Theatre and a BS in English                

    1st period:  THEATRE II                               
    2nd period THEATRE II
    3rd period THEATRE I                  
    4th period THEATRE I                                     
    5th period PRODUCTION CLASS                                    
    6th period Conference                                         
    7th period MUSICAL THEATRE                    

    Audri Gill

    Theatre Director and Assistant Technical Director
    817 547 6132
    University of Texas in Arlington BA in Theatre Arts 
    1st period: Tech THEATRE I
    2nd period:Tech THEATRE I
    3rd period: TECH THEATRE I
    4th period: TECH THEATRE I
    5th period: TECH THEATRE I SELECT
    6th period: Theatre I
    7th period: Conference
    Sarah Rojas
    Technical Director
    817 547 6053


    San Deigo State University Technical Theatre and Design
    1st period:  TECH THEATRE I               
    2nd period: TECH THEATRE I 
    3rd period:  TECH THEATRE I                      
    4th period    Conference                                 
    5th period  ADVANCED TECH
    6th period  TECH THEATRE I                          
    7th period  TECH THEATRE I