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    Renee Norris                                         
    Theatre Director                                                                                                                             
    817 547 6126 BOX OFFICE               

    Texas Wesleyan University BA in Theatre and a BS in English                


    1st period:  Theatre 1 Select                         

    2nd period THEATRE II

    3rd period Musical Theatre Omega/Access              

    4th period Conference    10:09-10:56                             

    5th period PRODUCTION CLASS                                    

    6th period Musical Theatre 1                                 

    7th period Conference       

    Sarah Rojas
    Technical Director
    817 547 6053


    San Deigo State University Technical Theatre and Design
    1st period:  TECH THEATRE I               
    2nd period: TECH THEATRE I 
    3rd period:  Tech Theatre 1             
    4th period    Tech Theatre 1                              
    5th period  Conference
    6th period  Costumes                      
    7th period  Advanced Technical Theatre