Haltom Alma Mater

Praise to our school we love so dear
Close to our heart she'll always be near
Ever her colors wave with pride
Our Alma Mater Haltom High

Haltom Fight Song

Haltom fight, Haltom fight
And it's goodbye to...
Haltom fight, Haltom fight
Let's put over one more win!
Haltom fight, Haltom fight!
For it's Haltom that we love best.
Hail, Hail, the gangs all here
And it's goodbye to all the rest!
Yea Orange! Yea Black! Yea Buffs!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Go Orange! Go Black! Go Buffs!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
H-A-L-T-O-M, Haltom High Buffalos!