• Attendance

  • Direct Sick Call Line (817) 547-6101- available 24 hrs

  • Early Dismissal

    Early dismissals are done in person with ID or by faxing a copy of ID with a note.
    Call 817.547.6013 if you need more information on the early dismissal policy.

  • Fax Numbers 
    Early Dismissal: 817.547.6320
    Attendance: 817.547.6320

    Faxed note should include a copy of the parent driver license, student name, date, time, reason, signature and a phone number for confirmation or questions.

  • Phone Numbers
    Attendance Office: 817.547.6109
    Early Dismissal: 817.547.6013
    Parent note for early dismissal should include the student name, date, time, reason, signature, copy of drivers license, phone number for confirmation.

  • Withdrawal

    Parent/guardian needs to bring in their I.D., sign BISD forms, and clear any fines. This process usually requires 24 hours to process.