Haltom High School's
Science Department!
We are proud and honored to teach your students how to investigate and explore the world around them through the sciences. We are a department full of committed educators who have a heart to see students reach their fullest potentials. It is our hope that every student finds their passion and pursues it fearlessly and we love being a part of that! 
Below is a list of the teachers in our department and the courses the teacher. Click a teacher's name to find out more about them. 
 Teacher  Courses  
 Josh Belland Pre-AP Chemistry, AP Chemistry
 Ryan Brink AP Environmental Science
 Chris BruhnAP Physics I, AP Physics II, Physics
Laura Crain
 John Deleon Biology
 Amanda Diaz Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry
Colten Dickerman
 Marcie Duley Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry
 Steven Franklin Physics, Integrated Physics & Chemistry
 William Franz Chemistry
 Enrique Garza Pre-AP Biology
 Sherry Hilberg Pre-AP Biology, AP Biology
 Tiffany Jones  Astronomy, Biology
 Jeff Klingberg Physics, AP Physics I
 Erica Linebaugh Chemistry
 Angela McCormick Biology
 Catherine Mellett Aquatic Science
 Chris Porter Anatomy & Physiology
 Olga Quedens Physics
 Brenda Rodriguez (Department Chair) Biology