Back to School Information

  • Back to School Crash Course, by Dr. Brad Schwall
    Use these quick tips for a successful school year.


    • Establish a routine for morning and evening
    • Prepare for the next day the night before
    • Ensure good night's sleeps and good breakfasts


    • Establish a homework time and space
    • Be involved
    • Guide your child to plan ahead for special projects
    • Show your child how to plan and be responsible, and then, step back
    • Read

    Parent/Teacher Relationships

    • Be supportive
    • Keep lines of communication open
    • Be appreciative
    • Volunteer at your child's school

    Extra-curricular Activities

    • Set limits on commitments
    • Reserve time for family time


    • Be aware of your child's social and emotional state
    • Listen to your child because listening encourages more sharing
    • Help your child identify his or her feelings
    • Help your child problem-solve

    Peer Relationships

    • Encourage your child to give respect
    • Talk about strategies for dealing with disagreements and compromising
    • Talk with your child about being confident