ECS     BISD Evening Counseling Services Program

    Birdville Independent School District Counseling Services sponsors an evening counseling program for employees, students, and families who do not have insurance and/or who are financially unable to access services in the community.


     Issues of Concern:

    • drug addiction
    • school behaviors
    • anger
    • suicidal thoughts
    • physical abuse
    • family conflict/divorce
    • eating disorders
    • sexual abuse

    This service is offered for our district students, employees, and families who are in crisis, whether through personal choices, or circumstances beyond their control, including those areas related to school performance such as academics and attendance.

    BISD Campus counselors are the referral contacts for students, employees, and families who need this service. BISD school counselors who are state-licensed practitioners facilitate this service. The sessions are held virtually on Monday through Thursday evenings from 5:00-9:00 p.m. Our state-licensed counselors will set up meeting times and days that work best for everyone involved.

    Supplemental funding for this program is provided by the Counseling Services Department. Clients pay $10.00 per session.

    For more information, contact your school counselor. Employees may also contact the Director of Counseling Services at (817) 547-5780. Information is confidential.