Counseling Information

  • Guiding Students on the Pathways to Success
    The Birdville Independent School District Counseling Program combines counseling, consultation and coordination to facilitate academic success, personal and social development and career and college guidance for all students.
    The professional school counselor, as a member of the educational team, assists students and consults with parents and teachers to foster student success in academic programs, school attendance, school safety, graduation programs, academic and career opportunities, conflict resolution, and responsible behavior. The professional school counselors also interpret test results to improve student performance and to facilitate school and district planning. Finally, crisis intervention counselors intervene when immediate concerns put the student's educational development at risk. We hope you find the information on this site useful. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call the counselor at your child's school. We are here to help.
    Program Overview
    The Birdville ISD professional school counselor's job is one that encompasses many areas in the school setting. The main goal for all counselors is to help make the student's school experience a positive one so that their fullest potential can be reached, becoming happy, healthy, contributing members of society. Birdville ISD guidance counselors are responsible for implementing all components of the Birdville Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Counseling Program. These components are:
    Guidance Curriculum-Provides guidance content in a proactive systematic manner,
    Responsive Services-Addresses the immediate concerns of students,
    Individual Planning-Assists students in monitoring and understanding their own development in the educational, career, and personal-social arenas,
    System Support-Includes program and staff support activities and services. The guidance counselor's professional attitude and conduct includes the establishment and maintenance of professional relationships with students, parents, staff, and community.

    School Counseling Staff
    • Twenty-one elementary schools have a full time school counselor.
    • Two schools have an additional part time counselor.
      Four elementary student assistance counselors are available to all elementary schools.
    • Each of the seven middle schools have a full-time school counselor and a full-time crisis intervention counselor.
    • The four high schools each have a counseling department.
    • On two campuses students are divided by alphabet among school counselors.
    • Haltom High school students are divided by grade levels per counselor.
    • All campuses have one school counselor that serves as the lead or department chair.
    • Three of the high schools have one Career and Technology Education counselor who may share a student load with the school counselors.
    • Every high school has a two full-time crisis intervention counselors.
    • Three of the high school counseling departments have an administrative clerk and an educational assistant.