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    Edulog's Parent Portal Lite App

    The Parent Portal Lite mobile app by Education Logistics, Inc. (Edulog) allows school districts to share school bus locations with parents and caregivers. The app can show the position of the school bus and give an alert as the bus enters a notification zone.

    Download the Edulog Parent Portal Lite from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Search for “Edulog Parent Portal Lite” and choose the app with the teal bus on white background. The word “LITE” at the bottom distinguishes this app.

    NOTE: Edulog’s standard Parent Portal app uses a logo with a WHITE bus on a DARK YELLOW background, so take care to download the correct app.

    Once you download the app, register using your email address. If you do not receive the confirmation email right away, check your spam or junk mail folder.

    Is there a Spanish version?

    Yes. Once you have the app installed, the language can be changed from English to Spanish on the SETTINGS tab. Make sure to select SAVE to continue in the language of your choice.

    How do I follow a bus in the Parent Portal Lite App?

    In order to get started, you must receive a registration code from your school district. This code is specific to one or more buses in the district. Go to the DISTRICTS tab, tap the plus sign (+) in the top right to add your district code. When the code is accepted, you will see the name of your district and the number of buses (initially zero) that you are following. You might need to add another registration code for the same district to follow more than one bus for your family. This depends on your district’s app configuration.

    How do I choose buses to follow in the app?

    Tapping your district’s name on the DISTRICTS tab shows the list of buses that your code authorizes you to follow. Sliding the toggle to the right allows a bus to be moved to the MY BUSES tab. On the MY BUSES tab, you will see the list of buses that you selected.

    How do I see the bus location in the app?

    The location of a bus can be viewed by tapping that particular bus in the MY BUSES tab.

    For assistance, please call the BISD Routing/Dispatch office at 817-547-5831.

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