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    Student safety is the primary concern of the Transportation Department. Statistics show that the most dangerous time for students is before and/or after they are on the bus. The Transportation Department considers the environment and age of the students when placing bus stops. We attempt to place every bus stop at a location with reasonable safety assurances for students. Parents/guardians must assume the responsibility for their students traveling back and forth from home to the stop.

    In addition, safety inside the bus is extremely important. During the annual on-line registration process, the bus rules are available to review. Parents/guardians are required to confirm that they have read/understand/accept the rules and reviewed them with their student(s) as part of the registration process.

    Bus Ridership Capacities

    School bus sizes are stated in terms of total passenger capacity. Maximum capacity allows three per seat. If the bus has three per seat, it will seem crowded, but it will not be over capacity. It is our goal to fully utilize all the space on all the buses in our fleet. Most of our General Education buses have a maximum capacity of 71 students.

    Phones on The Bus

    Cell phones are allowed as long as they are used in conjunction with their headphones/earbuds. Cell phone use should not cause a distraction or safety issue. If a student’s cell phone becomes a distraction or a safety issue, the driver can ask the student to put it away. Students are not permitted to take pictures or videos with their phones while on BISD school buses.


    Large Items/Sports Equipment/Instruments On Bus

    All items brought on board must fit in the student’s lap. Please make special arrangements for transporting large articles such as large band instruments (such as, but not limited to tubas and euphoniums), large projects, or any other item which would take up another student’s seat.

    Sports Equipment (such as, but not limited to a basketball or tennis racquet) and Color Guard props (such as, but not limited to guns and swords) must be COMPLETELY concealed in a duffle bag or back pack and not visible to the driver or students. Golf Clubs and Color Guard flags or poles are not able to be transported on the bus.

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