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    Student Eligibility and School Bus Safety Guide

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    We're thrilled to provide safe and reliable transportation services to our students. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey for all. Safety is our top priority, and our drivers are trained to maintain a secure environment. If your child has special needs, we'll work with you to create a personalized transportation plan.

    Parents, let's partner in promoting positive behavior on the bus. Teach your child to stay seated, use inside voices, and respect the driver and fellow passengers. Our website includes information for bus routes, safety guidelines and more.

    We're here to answer your questions and value your feedback. Trust us with your child's transportation needs, and let's make their school journey a great one!

    Who is eligible for transportation?

    To be eligible for transportation, a student must:

    Attend their assigned schools and live at least two miles away, measured along the shortest route on public roads. The BISD Board has designated certain neighborhoods with students residing within the two-mile limit as hazardous areas. In these areas, students will also be provided with bus service. The determination of hazardous areas is based on regional standards, which take into account factors such as major thoroughfares, railroad crossings, sidewalks, and traffic controls.

      - OR -

    If a student has special needs, is between the ages of 3 and 21, and is unable to use regular transportation due to their disabilities, transportation will be arranged based on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The IEP outlines the specific requirements and accommodations necessary for the student's transportation needs.

Transportation Information

  • Bus Stop Location

  • General Safety Rules

  • Procedures When Waiting for the Bus

  • Loading the Bus

  • Missed Bus

  • Conduct on the Bus

  • Getting Off the Bus

  • Go Straight Home

  • Crossing the Street or Highway

  • Prohibited Items

  • Accidents or Emergencies

  • Extra-Curricular Trips

  • Bad Weather

  • Articles Left on the Bus

  • Discipline

  • Thank you for taking the time to review this important information with your children. Your efforts in promoting their safety during their journey to and from school are greatly appreciated. Together, we can create a secure and enjoyable transportation experience for all students. Thank you for your cooperation and ongoing support!