School Bus
  • Extra Curricular Transportation is available for BISD students and employees. BISD travels approximately 110 thousand miles a year in extra-curricular activities. There are four different types of vehicles available for extra-curricular activities.

    Regular School Bus
    The regular school bus has a capacity is 72 passengers, at three to a seat, according to manufacturer standards. Most extra-curricular activities are requested at a ratio of two per seat, equaling 48 passengers. Regular school buses are used for distances less than 100 miles. 

    Special Needs School Bus
    The capacity ranges from 8-48 passengers, and has wheel chair accessibility.
    The capacity is 8 passengers, including the driver. Suburban's are available for local or out of town travel and are subject to availability. 
    Please contact Trudy Pool (817) 547-5830 or for information on travel criteria, reservations and travel rates.