BISD Appreciates our Principals!

  • Birdville ISD appreciates our principals during the month of October and throughout the year! Take a moment to thank a principal today!

Our Elementary Principals

  • Birdville Elementary - Tammy Pope

    “I just enjoy interacting with students! Whether it is starting the day with them at drop off, hearing jokes during lunch, or visiting with them in classrooms, I just love that I have a job where I get to hang out with kids. That brings me joy!”

    - Tammy Pope, Birdville Elementary


    Binion Elementary - Donald Bartlett

    “I am motivated by seeing those I serve succeed and overcome their circumstances.”

    - Donald Bartlett, Binion Elementary


    Cheney Hills Elementary - Shane Conklin

    “I find great joy in seeing both students and staff succeed. Life is made up of moments.  In my role, I get to witness precious moments in the lives of my staff and students.”

    - Shane Conklin, Ed.D. - Cheney Hills Elementary


    Foster Village Elementary - Carrie Welborn

    "My favorite thing about being a principal is talking to students about their teachers. I love to see their faces light up as they tell me all the wonderful things teachers do to make their school experience special."

    - Carrie Welborn, Foster Village Elementary


    W.T. Francisco Elementary - Angela Limon

    "The greatest motivation for me as a principal is my school family. I want to ensure our students, staff and families all have positive experiences that allow them to reach their goals and create meaningful relationships."  

    - Angela Limon, W.T. Francisco Elementary


    Green Valley Elementary - Nathan Frymark, Ed.D.

    "What motivates me as a principal is mentoring faculty and staff to impact student learning."  

    - Nathan Frymark, Ed.D., Green Valley Elementary


    Grace E. Hardeman Elementary - Katie Moran

    "I am grateful every day to have the opportunity to build connections within our school family & provide a safe and caring environment for students to learn and grow. Seeing student's faces when they meet their goals and realize their potential is my biggest motivator!"  

    - Katie Moran - Grace E. Hardeman Elementary


    Holiday Heights Elementary - Lisa Walker

    "When interacting with students, the thing that brings me the most joy is the opportunity to build relationships that go beyond Holiday Heights...relationships that come from laughing together, being silly together and even sometimes crying together. When I go to dinner, go to the middle school or really anywhere in DFW and I run into one of my students and I get a hug, it is the biggest blessing of my job."  

    - Lisa Walker - Holiday Heights Elementary


    Alliene Mullendore Elementary - Merritt Dobecka Marvel

    "Seeing the glimmer in a student's eye, the sparkle on a parent's face, the pride in a teacher's smile when a scholar accomplishes a task, is able to make a connection in their learning, participating in a class discussion, these are just a few things that motivate me as a Principal. When students have the intrinsic desire to work harder today than they think they did yesterday, this is what makes everything we do worth it "  

    - Merritt Dobecka-Marvel, M.Ed. - Alliene Mullendore Elementary


    North Ridge Elementary - Deborah Coulson

    "Every day, we plan and work towards growth. Celebrating progress and success with my students brings me joy!"  

    - Deborah Coulson - North Ridge Elementary


    W.A. Porter Elementary - Chad Paris

    "I am motivated each day to make a difference in the lives of not only my students, but I also want to make a difference in my staff's lives as well as our community. My day is filled with interactions with students and people within the community, and it is important to me to not only speak with them but get to know them. Every day there is an opportunity to reach an individual and help plant seeds."  

    - Chad Paris - W.A. Porter Elementary


    David E. Smith Elementary - Amanda Holman

    "The joy when listening to a student read the next level of book they have been working towards. The joy when celebrating with a teacher when a once shy student grows confident to share with the class. The joy when hearing from a parent who is excited about their child's growth. Thank you to the students, teachers and families at DES for the joy you bring to me daily!"  

    - Amanda Holman - David E. Smith Elementary


    Smithfield Elementary - Melissa Pellegrino

    "I love building relationships with students. Getting to know them and what they like and enjoy to do. I love watching them grow and celebrating their successes."  

    - Melissa Pellegrino - Smithfield Elementary


    Snow Heights Elementary - Susan Nall

    "From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher and nothing was going to stop me from achieving that dream. I enjoyed every second I was in the classroom and still miss it to this day! Becoming a principal just seemed like the next step in my educational journey, and I feel so blessed to still be teaching even though my classroom looks a bit different these days."  

    - Susan Nall - Snow Heights Elementary


    John D. Spicer Elementary - Cheryl Waddell, Ed.D

    "I love visiting with students during the school day. Parents have trusted our campus and staff with their children. I especially love when the kids begin to feel comfortable at school like we are their “home away from home” that brings me the greatest joy!"  

    - Cheryl Waddell, Ed.D. - John D. Spicer Elementary


    O.H. Stowe Elementary - Charlie Lokey

    "Being a principal is the most rewarding job I could imagine!  I wake up every day excited to take on a day of learning and leading. No day is the same. Each day brings celebrations, learning experiences, and all the joy of seeing smiling faces on the students. There is nothing better than being a part of a team that works together to build a culture that encourages students, loves families, and celebrates the growth in every situation!"  

    - Charlie Lokey - O.H. Stowe Elementary


    Walker Creek Elementary - Marsha Perry

    "I wanted to become a principal in order to be a support and serve a community of stakeholders. It brings me great joy and pride to interact, model and lead in a positive way with students, staff and the school community that I serve."  

    - Marsha Perry - Walker Creek Elementary


    Watauga Elementary - Jennifer Martin

    "Seeing students enjoy learning and watching them have those, “I’ve got it!” moments as their growing bring me joy. We never really know what a child is about to do or say, and those are some of the best memories."  

    - Jennifer Martin - Watauga Elementary


    West Birdville Elementary - Vanessa Sutton

    "I love to see the smile on student’s faces as they enter the building for the day! There is nothing better than when a student tells you that they love school and missed West Birdville over the weekend! Creating the excitement and love of learning is what brings us the most joy!"  

    - Vanessa Sutton - West Birdville Elementary


    Academy at C.F. Thomas Elementary - Sabrina Lindsey, Ph.D.

    "I am motivated when a student comes into my office to share their reading with me, when the choir sings a new song for me with smiles a mile wide and when I get to make positive phone calls home because the student had a great day!  My staff motivates me, as well.  I never get tired of their commitment to each child, their innovative instructional practices and the way they pull together as a team for the benefit of all our students! The community and parents motivate me to do whatever I can to make sure our families feel that they are a vital part of the ACFT team! My motivation is renewed each day that I get to come to ACFT and help make a difference in the world!"  

    - Sabrina Lindsey, Ph.D. - Academy at C.F. Thomas Elementary



Our Middle School Principals

  • North Oaks Middle - Jennifer Klaerner

    “Students bring me joy when they share an accomplishment that they are really proud of.  I love for my students to be successful at things they find challenging!”

    - Jennifer Klaerner, Ph.D. - North Oaks Middle School


    North Richland Middle - Sherri Gamble

    "Seeing students and staff succeed and find happiness in their daily life motivates me."

    - Sherri Gamble, North Richland Middle School 


    North Ridge Middle - John Davis

    "I come from a long line of educators in my family. I wanted to become a principal to mentor, advise, and educate educators on how to educate students like I was. I enjoy building relationships that have lifelong affects on students as well as adults."

    - John Davis, North Ridge Middle School


    Smithfield Middle - Jason Turner

    "I am motivated to create a school where students and staff can come to a school and feel safe, are challenged, and have fun in the process."

    - Jason Turner, Smithfield Middle School


    Watauga MS - Shannon Houston Shedd

    - Shannon Houston Shedd, Watauga Middle School


    BISD seal

    "In my position as principal, I have the ability to positively impact someone's day and, hopefully, future. This could be a parent, staff member or one of my 963 students. I can't think of a career where you have that much influence. For that reason, I love the role I'm serving in."

    - Tim Drysdale, Haltom Middle School


    Richland Middle School - Billy Neal

    "My guiding factor of motivation is watching the students who some might consider a possibility become a reality of success."

    - Billy Neal, Richland Middle School

Our High School Principals

  • Birdville HS - Jason Wells

    "To provide the best learning environment possible for students while giving them a memorable high school experience that they can look back on happily.  I loved my high school years as a student… they weren’t perfect by any means but I had great teachers and coaches that invested in me.  They made high school fun and that is a great memory I will always carry with me and I hope that we can create the same thing for our students at Birdville High School."

    - Jason Wells, Birdville High School   


    Haltom High School - Kristi Strickland

    - Kristi Strickland, Haltom High School


    Richland High School - Kyle Pekurney

    - Kyle Pekurney - Richland High School 


    BCTAL - Mark McCanlies

    "Success and laughter bring me joy. Many times, these go hand-in-hand. A person who smiles is, for the most part, a successful person. They are happy with themselves and in the moment. Just thinking about the many attempts it might take to accomplish something and the joy that they get when they finally get there. Success is a struggle, but a healthy struggle."

    - Mark McCanlies, BCTAL


    BISD seal  

    - David Williams, Shannon High School

    - Mike Gerard, Chancellor of Collegiate Academy


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