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    Employees in positions regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week are eligible for the full range of benefits offered by Birdville ISD. Employees regularly scheduled to work less than 20 hours per week are eligible to enroll in medical coverage but do not receive the district’s contribution towards medical. Please visit the Benefits for Part-Time Employees page by clicking here

    For demographic changes including name and address changes, please click here to be directed to the Address/Name Change page on the Human Resources site. 

    We hope this information is helpful, but please feel free to contact the benefits office at any time with questions at 817-547-5782. 


    New Hire Enrollment Information and Guides

    1) Click here for your New Hire Benefits Orientation Presentation (you should hear audio) and here for a quick eligibility guide in English and in Spanish

    2) Click here for the complete 2023-2024 Benefits Guide. Information about medical plan and rates can be found below. Please note, the District provides different contributions to medical dependening on your job class.




    3) Enroll by clicking here and logging in to THEbenefitsHUB (right top corner)

    • All employees must log in and either enroll/waive benefits, the process is the same. Please go through the whole process and continue until you can't continue anymore. Even if you don't want additional benefits, the district pays for Basic Life insurance and Telehealth for you and enrolled dependents. These are free, but you must complete the process, and you must enter beneficiaries for the life insurance. 


    *Note: If you are a new hire in the months of July or August, please do not log into THEbenefitsHUB before July 10. Not all benefit options will be available to you until after annual enrollment begins for all other employees.  July hires will be required to complete both new hire enrollment (effective 8/1) as well as annual enrollment (effective 9/1), in two separate steps. A walkthrough guide can be found here.  

    Assistance with enrollment is always available! Please contact the Benefits CareLine at 833-453-1680 for help in English and Spanish, or the District's Benefits Office at 817-547-5782 or by email at susan.dippolito@birdvilleschools.net.

    Health Care Related Enrollment

    Employees new to the district or employees moving from a part time to full-time benefit eligible position must enroll in or waive benefits in the first 30 days from their actively-at-work date (start date).  Medical is effective the first of the month after your hire date, but may be made effective on the employee’s hire date at the employee’s written request. All other benefits, including district paid benefits, are effective on the first of the month after 30 days of employment.

    If moving from one TRS ActiveCare district to another, you will need to elect the same medical plan from your previous district (unless declining). TRS does not allow mid-year plan changes, even if you are changing districts. In addition, TRS does not allow dual coverage, please make sure your medical with your prior district ends before your benefits are effective with BISD. 

    Benefit elections must be made by going to the District’s Benefits Portal and clicking on THEbenefitsHUB. You may also download the FBS Mobile Enrollment App by texting "FBS BIRDVILLEISD" to 800-583-6908. From there, you will find instructions for installing the app on either Android, Apple, or other devices. The app contains the current year's benefit information and includes more information than just enrollment. 

    Once enrollment is complete, employees have access to the HUB (either online or on a mobile device) to review their benefit elections and change beneficiary information. Please remember, once you have made your new hire elections and have passed your first 30 days, you will only be able to make changes during Annual Open Enrollment or due to a qualifying event mid-year. The HSA is the only exception to this rule. More information about these changes follows.  

    The District deducts premiums for the month benefits are effective, not in advance. For example, benefits active in October are deducted in October. It is imperative you confirm your changes take effect on your check and notify the Benefits Office of any discrepancies in a timely manner. For assistance on how to view your paycheck, click here.


    Sick Leave Bank Enrollment 

    Employees who will be granted at least 3 days of local sick leave upon hire will be eligible to enroll in the District's Sick Leave Bank. The Sick Leave Bank can be used for catastrophic illness for you or your immediate family if you have exhausted all of your days (accruals). Enrollees donate just 3 local days once – you do not donate 3 days each year, and there is no monthly premium. For more information, view the benefits portal here. If you choose not to enroll, or are not yet eligible at the time of hire, your next opportunity to enroll will be during Annual Enrollment for a September 1 effective date. 


    Teachers Retirement System (TRS) Enrollment

    The District automatically enrolls every eligible employee in TRS. TRS is a pension system, and takes the place of Social Security. Birdville ISD earnings are not reported as Social Security earnings, but are reported as Medicare earnings. Both the District and employee contribute to the TRS pension program. The employee contribution effective 9/1/2023 is 8.25%. You are also required to contribute to TRS Care, which is similar to a Medicare tax, but goes towards TRS retiree health. The TRSCare employee contribution rate is .65%. You may not opt out of either of these contributions. 

    You are strongly encouraged to register with the TRS website, MyTRS. Once registered, you can view your contributions, change your beneficiaries, estimate your retirement, and much more. If you are new to the TRS system, you will receive a welcome letter with your member ID 1-2 months after your employment begins. Once you receive this letter, you may register for MyTRS. 

    403(b) and 457 Enrollment

    You may enroll in the 457 and 403(b) plans at any time, but each has a different process. You will have the opportunity to enroll in the 457 during your new hire enrollment process on THEbenefitsHUB, or anytime after. The 403(b) must be set up by a vendor of your choice who will notify the District. Click here for a quick reference on these retirement plan options. A link to approved 403(b) vendors can be found on the District's benefits portal here. TCG Administrators, the District's plan administrator, can help with the process for both the 457 and 403(b) plans. Please call TCG at (800) 943-9179, or the local representative, Kevin Hull, via teleconference by going to https://go.tcgservices.com/meetings/khull2. Further information about these plans can be found on the District's benefits portal by clicking here. You will also be able to manage your accounts easily using the TCG Mobile Retirement App. Click here for more information. 


    COBRA Initial Rights Notice

    Click here for information regarding important information about your COBRA rights.