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    Birdville ISD Employee Benefits

    Employee Benefits Annual Enrollment July 22 - August 9, 2024

    Changes are effective 9/1.

    Please click here for the Annual Enrollment Flyer with BISD specific updates: English and in Spanish

    BISD will not mail flyers to your home this year. If you would like a printed flyer, please email susan.dippolito@birdvilleschools.net.

  • Appointment Scheduler 

    In-person assistance in English and Spanish is available at the Central Admin Office Board Room on a walk-in basis from 8:30 to 4:00pm on the following dates: 

    Wednesday, 7/31                    Thursday, 8/8

    Make sure you have the following ready when enrolling:

    Spouse/dependent social security number and date of birth for the District paid Telehealth

    Beneficiary Information including name, date of birth, phone number, and state. 

    Find a medical provider   

    Find a PPO dental provider

    Find an HMO dental provider

  • What's Changing for 2024-2025

    Only Medical rates and the disability provider are changing. Below is a quick recap of important points:

    Medical - The Central and North Texas Scott and White HMO plan will no longer be available. If you are enrolled in the Scott and White HMO and do not complete enrollment and select a new plan, you will be automatically rolled to the ActiveCare Primary+ plan. All other medical enrollments will roll to the next year as they are if you do not complete annual enrollment.

    Medical rates are increasing by 9.5%, but only minor plan changes are being made. If you change plans, you will receive a new card. Otherwise, you will not receive a new card unless you request one by calling. For questions about TRS ActiveCare plans and assistance, please call 1-8666-355-5999.

    2024-2025 TRSActive Care Rates

    2024-2025 TRSActive Care Plan Highlights  

    TRS ActiveCare Prescription website  


    Disability Insurance -  The Disability Insurance provider is changing to Chubb. Many current members will see no change or a decrease in premium; but some have a premium increase. The new plans provide the following additional benefits:

    All plans provide a long term benefit up to Social Security Normal Retirement Age (even if you are not eligible for Social Security).

    14 day and 30 day elimination (waiting) period plans have 1st-day hospitalization waiver; if you are hospitalized for at least 24 hours, the benefit will pay immediately instead of after the elimination period.

    14 day and 30 day elimination plans provide an 8-week pre-existing benefit. Normally, if diagnosis or treatment for your disability began prior to your effective date, the plan would not pay. However, this plan will pay up to 8 weeks regardless if your disability was pre-existing.

    Some accruals (local and state days) are an offset to disability, meaning it won't pay at the same time you are using accruals. 

    Life Insurance and AD&D -  No change unless you are moving to a new age band; if so, you may have a premium increase.

    HSA -  HSA limits will increase to $4,150 individual coverage and $8,300 family coverage. The catch-up contribution (55 and older) limits remain at $1,000. NOTE: Your household may not be enrolled in both the FSA and HSA during the same plan year. 

    FSA and DCA-  Flexible Spending limits will increase to $3,200; Dependent Care limits will remain at $5,000. You must re-enroll in these benefits every year, they do not carry from year to year. NOTE: Your household may not be enrolled in both the FSA and HSA during the same plan year.  

    457 and 403(b) - Contribution limits are currently $23,000 with a catch-up contribution (50 and older) of $7,500.


  • Resources and Enrollment Assistance for Annual Enrollment 2024-2025

    Below are important presentations and enrollment assistance options. 

      How to Enroll: 

    Step 1: View the 2024-2025 Enrollment Guide or links above for rates and benefits available; 

    Step 3: Check if your medical providers are in-network at the BCBS Provider Search Tool;

    Step 4: Check if your dental providers are in-network for the PPO and the HMO dental;  

    Step 5: Beginning 7/22/2024, enroll by going to THEbenefitsHUB enrollment site, http://www.mybenefitshub.com/birdvilleisd then click THEbenefitsHUB in the middle of the page. Helpful information on each benefit will be available at the top of each page as you go through enrollment;

    - or - download the Mobil App: Text FBS BIRDVILLEISD to 800-583-6908;

    - or - Call the FBS Call Center at 866-914-5202 Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. English and Spanish assistance available. Please complete the enrollment checklist prior to  calling.

    - or - Contact the District's Benefit Specialist, Susan Dippolito, at 817-547-5782 or email  susan.dippolito@birdvilleschools.net.


     If You Need Enrollment Assistance: 

    • In-person assistance is available on a walk-in basis in English and Spanish at the Central Admin Office from 8:30-4:00 on the following dates: 

    Wednesday, 7/31            Thursday, 8/8            

    • Higginbotham Public Sector Call Center (English/Spanish) at 866-914-5202, Monday—Friday 8:00 am-7:00 pm


    • Benefits Office at 817-547-5782 during regular BISD business hours.



    457 and 403(b) Overview

    Retire with Confidence - For those looking to retire in the next 15 years.

    Young Educators - Useful for those early to mid-way through their career.