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    Most frequently asked questions

    Q:     How do I get new ID cards or see claims?

    A:     If you need to order new cards,  need claim filing instructions, or other medical information, you may contact the carriers individually listed on Birdville's Benefits Portal by clicking here. You can also create a log-in with each carrier's website and download your card there. Instructions for Medical, Dental and FSA are below. The vision, cancer, hospital indemnity, and emergency transport plans do not generally send a card, but you may access contact information and claim instructions on our benefits portal by clicking here.  

       BCBSTX administered TRS-ActiveCare plans

    Call a Personal Health Guide at 1-866-355-5999 to get your ID card information so you can register for Blue Access for MembersSM (BAMSM). Once you have that information, you can get an ID card by:

    * downloading the BCBSTX App from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get a digital ID card; or

    * textingBCBSTX to 33633 and following the prompts.

    * Once in BAM, left-click on the picture of the ID card you want to print or download. 

       Baylor Scott and White administered HMO plan

    Access your electronic ID card through the SWCP member portal. Use your social security number to register. You may also contact customer service at 1-844-633-5325 to get your ID card information.

       Express Scripts Pharmacy 

    You may contact an ESI dedicated customer service representative at 844-367-6108. Important information can also be found at the links below.

    TRS ActiveCare Pharmacy Transition FAQs

    TRS ActiveCare Prescription website  

       Lincoln Dental

    For dental PPO, an ID card is not necessary.  Tell your provider you have Lincoln Dental PPO and they can verify your coverage/benefits using your date of birth and social security number. However, you may also log onto LincolnFinancial.com and download a new card, or call Delta at 800-423-2765  for the PPO.

    For the HMO, please call 888-877-7828 or log into ldc.lfg.com.   

       Superior Vision

    For vision an ID card is not necessary.  Tell your provider you have Superior Vision and they can verify your coverage/benefits using your date of birth and social security number. If you need further assistance, you may contact Superior at 800-507-3800.

       Flexible Spending and Dependent Care Accounts

    Higginbotham is the new provider effective 9/1/2022. To view your account, submit for reimbursement, set up direct deposit, and more, create an account at https://flexservices.higginbotham.net/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f with just your name and social security number. If you need a replacement card or have questions about your account, you may call Higginbotham at 866-419-3519.   

    Q:     How do I change my address?

    A:     You will need to change your address in Munis Self-Serve, which will feed to all of your benefit carriers over the following week. Your Munis username is your employee number without the b. If you have not logged in previously, your password is the last four (4) of your social security number. Otherwise, you would have set your password at your prior log-in. Detailed information on address changes can be found on the Human Resources website here.  

    Q:    I called MDLive (telehealth) and they charged me. I thought this service was free through the District?

    A:     You are correct, use of MDLive is free. If you provided your TRS Active Care information or Birdville as your group or employer, MDLive will not recognize the account. You must set up your account with FBS (Financial Benefit Services) as your employer. If you were already charged, you can call MDLive at 888-365-1663 and have them change your employer to FBS. They should then refund the amount charged. If they are unable to, please email the benefits office at susan.dippolito@birdvilleschools.net.

    Q:    What is the TRS Care deduction on my paycheck?

    A:     It’s the teacher’s retirement medical plan. This is a mandatory contribution towards retiree medical for anyone who contributes to a TRS pension plan, even if you currently do not take medical through TRS, and/or don't intend to take retiree medical. 


    Health (medical, dental, vision) Insurance Plan Questions 

    Q:     What would it cost to add someone to my insurance?

    A:     Premiums are listed in the Benefit Guide found on the Districts Benefits Portal here.

    Q:     I am getting married and want to know how to add my spouse to my insurance policy.

    A:     You have 30 days from the date of the marriage to add your new spouse. Please visit the Making Changes and Qualifying Events page here.  BEWARE of a large increase in premium on the medical plans.

    Q:     I am getting a divorce and losing my medical coverage.  Can I enroll with BISD benefits?

    A:     YES.  Contact the Benefits Office within 30 days of the date the divorce is final. Please visit the Making Changes and Qualifying Events page here

    Q:     My spouse is having open enrollment.  The medical premiums increased substantially. Can I add them to my benefits?

    A:     NO, voluntary terminations of other coverage, due to benefit changes, spousal surcharges, or premium increases, are not special enrollment events for TRS-Active Care. However, you may keep your spouse’s coverage in place until BISD open enrollment, add them to BISD’s coverage, and then drop his coverage through their employer. This would be a qualifying event of other group coverage allowing them to drop coverage through his employer.

    Q:     My spouse is having open enrollment.  The company has a new rule that states “if spouse is eligible for medical coverage at their employment, they will be removed and must enroll with their company.”  Can I enroll with TRs-ActiveCare?

    A:     YES. This would be considered an “involuntary” loss of coverage. Please visit the How to Enroll and Make Changes page here

    Q:     My spouse has a new job with benefits.  Can I cancel them from my plan?

    A:     YES, with proof of new coverage. Contact the Benefits Office within 30 days of the new coverage effective date. Please visit the How to Enroll and Make Changes page here

    Q:     I turn 26 years old next month and will lose my benefits under my parent’s plan.  Can I enroll with BISD at that time?

    A:     YES.  This is an “involuntary” lose of coverage. Contact the Benefits Office for a BISD change form.  The new benefits will be effective the first of the month following your date of birth. Please visit the How to Enroll and Make Changes page here. 

    Q:     Can I cancel my insurance now or do I have to wait until open enrollment?

    A:     It would depend on the reason for the cancellation.  If it’s due to a qualifying event that occurred within 30 days, it can be cancelled the first of the month following the event date. Otherwise, you would need to wait until open enrollment. Please visit the How to Enroll and Make Changes page here.

    Q:     Will our medical plan allow us to get a second opinion?

    A:     Contact your medical plan for the correct procedure to obtain a second opinion

    Q:     What’s the difference between an HMO and PPO?

    A:     A PPO gives you the freedom to choose any provider.  The HMO is a network plan and requires you to select a provider from the network’s group of providers. Keep in mind using an in-network provider on a PPO will save you money.

    Specific to dental, the PPO has an annual maximum amount the plan will pay; the DHMO does not have a calendar year maximum.

    Q:     My dentist said that our plan year starts over in January.  I thought it was September.

    A:     All BISD benefits are on a plan year from 9/1-8/31 at which time deductibles, out-of-pocket max, and other benefits start over. 


    Leaves of Absence and Disability

    Q:    I am expecting a child/adopting/gaining guardianship of a child. How do I add the child to my insurance?

    A:    Contact the Benefits Office within 30 days of the date of birth.  The sooner, the better. Please visit the Making Changes and Qualifying Events page here

    Q:    What do I need to know about taking a leave of absence?

    A:    Visit our Leave of Absence and Sick Bank page here.  If you have selected the disability plan, contact the company up to 30 days before delivery to file a claim. Note:  If you do not have enough leave days accumulated to cover the leave, you will not receive a paycheck. You will be responsible for paying missed benefit premiums.  Also visit the Human Resource website here and complete the FMLA forms.



    FSA, DCA and HSA Accounts

    Q:    What is the difference between the FSA and HSA?

    A:     The FSA plan is a “spending” plan.  All monies must be used by August 31st. The FSA plan MUST be re-elected each year during the benefits open enrollment. Your full election amount is available to you on your plan effective date.

    The HSA is a “savings” plan. Monthly contributions accumulate and funds are spent at your convenience. Funds are available as you contribute them, and you don’t lose money at the end of the plan year, it rolls over.

    The Federal law requires HSA participants to be enrolled in a high deductible plan such as our TRS-ActiveCare 1HD.

    Q:    If I enroll in the medical plan during the plan year due to a loss of coverage, can I elect a Flexible Spend Account also?

    A:    YES, because you had an involuntary loss of coverage.

    Q:    I am changing to my spouse's medical plan effective January 1st.  Is that a qualifying event to drop the FSA?

    A:    NO, because this would be a voluntary change and not allowed per the Cafeteria Plan.

    Q:    If I retire or resign from Birdville, can I COBRA my FSA Health Care?

    A:    YES, if there is a remaining balance in your account.  However, you cannot COBRA an FSA Dependent Care plan.

    NOTE:  Both the FSA and HSA contributions are made on a pre-taxed basis. Your household may not contribute to both an FSA and an HSA in the same plan year. For example, you cannot contribute to the HSA if your spouse is contributing to an FSA, even if it is through another employer.


    Life Insurance Plan Questions

    Q:    If an employee gets married and adds spouse to life insurance, would a Statement of Health be required?

    A:    A Statement of Health would only be required if the elected amount exceed the Guaranteed Issue amount of $50,000.

    Q:    Is it allowed to have life insurance policies with more than one company?

    A:    Absolutely.

    Q:    Please explain the different life insurance policies Birdville offers.

    A:     Grandfathered Life (GF) – These plans are no longer available effective 9/1/2023 and have been rolled into regular voluntary life plans with Lincoln. The GF plan was life insurance with Aetna before changing to MetLife (2007), and then to OneAmerica (2015).  One America would no longer honor the plans rates effective 9/1/2023, resulting in the change to Lincoln.

    Voluntary Term Life – Inexpensive term life insurance purchased by employees. Premiums are age banded and increase in 5 year increments. This is a group policy, you may port or convert the policy to to keep it. Rates will likely increase.

    Spouse Life – Life insurance for employee’s spouse.  Same terms as Voluntary Term Life.

    Child Life – Life insurance for employee’s child.  $10,000 for each child up to age 26. Total cost is $1.00 per month, regardless of the number of children insured.

    Individual Life – This is an individual life plan rather than a group supplemental term life plan.  The individual policy is guaranteed renewable, portable, and premiums remain the same over the life of the policy. It can also be purchased for employee’s spouse and/or children to age 24. These policies are not available to new enrollment after 1/1/2020.