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    Private Non-profit School Participation


    Birdville ISD receives supplemental federal funding to implement Elementary and Secondary Education Act programs. The programs are: 

                                 Title I, Part A - Improving Basic Programs

                              Title II, Part A - Teacher & Principal Training and Recruitment Fund

    Title III – English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement and Academic Achievement Act

                              IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act


    Private, non-profit schools having students who reside in the Birdville ISD attendance area may participate.  Private non-profit school students may receive services provided with a proportionate share of these federal funds.


    Birdville ISD must file an application each year to renew funding for federal programs. As a part of the application, the district must submit the number of students who reside in the attendance area of each public school including elementary, middle school, and senior high. Private non-profit schools are asked to provide student residency information so that students who reside in the Birdville ISD attendance areas and who attend private non-profit schools may be counted for funding purposes.


    Participating private non-profit schools are subject to audits and monitoring by federal and state personnel.  Private non-profit schools will need to have a signed document on file with the public school attesting to a commitment to participate or not to participate in sharing services provided with federal funds. 


    In addition, a private non-profit school must complete a planning process for any federal program in which it intends to participate.  Sections of the appropriate application to assist in formulating a plan will be sent for any program in which an interest is indicated by the private non-profit school.


    If your private non-profit school would like to participate, please contact us prior to June 1st.  If you have questions about any of the federal programs, please contact Kinzie Morgan Mallott, Assistant Director of  Federal Programs, at 817.547.5700 or kinzie.morganmallott@birdvilleschools.net