Donation Process 
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If someone offers to donate to your campus, or even to the district this must be approved by the Board of Trustees.  Below is a process each campus or department must go through with each donation:
 Donation Process Pic
To ensure the donation you are submitting is placed on the upcoming board agenda, please ensure the form is completed in full.  This includes your principal or director electronic signature, which indicates to both the Superintendent and the Associate Superintendent for Finance offices they have reviewed the recommendation. Please refer to policy on acceptance of donations.http://CDC(LOCAL).pdf
Amounts $2,500 or less 
After approval notification, deposit approved money into your Campus/Student Activity and forward copies of all paperwork to Staff Accountant as soon as funds are deposited into bank account. The Staff Accountant will review paperwork and verify that the guidelines for using these funds (if applicable) are being followed at year end.
Amounts greater than $2,500
After approval notification, forward check and paperwork to Grants Specialist. The Grants Specialist will review the paperwork, set up the appropriate Special Revenue Fund accounts, forward check and deposit coding form to the Business Office, and then provide a Munis budget report to the campus/department.
Recognition of Business Partners
If you wish to have a business partner recognized at a future board meeting, please contact Skip Baskerville's office.
Donation Acceptance Form
If you do not know how to sign the pdf electronically, please click here.
If the form still does not allow you to sign electronically, please click here.