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    Birdville ISD recognizes that family engagement is vital to achieve maximum educational growth for students. Title I Parental Involvement fulfills the Section 1118 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind requirement for schools to provide
    educational support for families to help their children succeed in school. Families, school staff and the community work together as full partners to succeed in improving achievement for all students.



    ·         Schools promote regular, twoway communication between home and school.


    ·         Parents, families, educators, and community members assist in improving student achievement by supporting family involvement in the education of their children.


    ·         Schools provide a safe and open atmosphere for parents and families to visit the school their children attend and to actively encourage parent and family support and assistance for school programs.


    ·         Schools and parent involvement staff develop and deliver timely information and training to parents, including language classes.


    ·         Schools respond to such barriers as language, culture, education levels, and work schedules of parents and families that may limit opportunities to participate fully in the education of their children.


    ·         Parents and families support their children’s learning at home and in school and serve as their children’s advocate.


    ·         Schools disseminate information to parents on all required No Child Left Behind and Title I notifications.



    • Conduct annual meeting
    • Offer flexible number of meetings
    • Include parents in planning and review of Title I program
    • Provide information in language parents can understand
    • Build capacity of staff to work with parents
    • Develop and distribute a school-parent compact and review/revise annually
    • Provide information about professional qualifications of staff
    • Develop and distribute a campus parent involvement policy and evaluate annually

    For more information, contact Jennifer Miller, State and Federal Programs Coordinator, at (817) 547-5871 or email Jennifer.