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    The Payroll Department is responsible for the payment and reporting of employee wages as well as remitting employee deductions to applicable vendors including, insurance, retirement, payroll taxes, etc.

    Rita Morrow, Payroll Supervisor,
    817-547-5640 ext 14823
    • Payroll
    • Teacher retirement reporting
    • Payroll Deductions
    Tammy Paschal, Payroll Assistant,
    817-547-5636 ext 19906

    • Child Nutrition Payroll & Terms/New Hires for Child Nutrition, Kronos support
    • Monthly Status Changes
    • Professional timesheets 
    • Annuity processing
    Deloris Carter,  Payroll Assistant,
    817-547-5637 ext 16793

    • Facilities Management payroll & Terms/New Hires for Facilities, Kronos support
    • Termination, resignation, retirement (Monthly Payroll)
    • Child support and garnishments set-up (Monthly Payroll)
    • Maternity leave/FMLA (Monthly Payroll)
    • Workers Comp (Monthly Payroll)
    • Deduction payment processing
    Sarah Cooper, Payroll Assistant,
    817-547-5635 ext 19772
    • Transportation Payroll & Terms/New Hires for Transportation, Kronos support
    • New Hires (Monthly Payroll)                                
    • Direct deposit and W4s changes
    • Child support payment submissions                                                                   
    John Jones,  District Timekeeper, 
    817-547-5648 ext 16813
    • Kronos time management
    • Assist payroll staff with status changes
    • Monthly Kronos
    Vanessa Ferrino, Absence Mgmt Service,
    817 547-5696 ext 14644
    • Frontline,  (formerly)) AESOP attendance
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    3124 Carson Street
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    Fax 817-547-5548