During your leave, you will be required to use available days including vacation, sick, and personal leave. Once you have exhausted your days, your leave will be unpaid. For this reason you may want to consider a disability plan to protect your pay in an unforeseen medical circumstance, as well as consider enrolling in the Sick Leave bank. 

    Benefits While on Leave

    If you miss a check, you will be required to submit payment for any benefits normally deducted from your paycheck. You will be notified via email by the benefits office of any missed deductions. It is important to make sure your personal email is updated in THEbenefitsHUB to ensure we are able to contact you. You must submit payment within 30 days of the missed deduction or your benefits may be cancelled effective the first of the month in which full premiums were not paid. 

    If you are being paid through the disability provider (Lincoln) or through Worker's Compensation and are not receiving a check through payroll, benefit premiums are NOT taken from those payments since they come from a third party. You will be required to submit benefit payments to the district in either of these cases.

    As long as you are on FMLA and/or are receiving a pay check the district's contribution to medical coverage, currently $260, will apply. However, if you exhaust FMLA and are no longer receiving a paycheck, you will be responsible for payment of your full medical premium. 

    For more information regarding FMLA and other available leaves, please take a look at the Leave of Absence web page here or contact Melissa Austin in Human Resources at melissa.austin@birdvilleschools.net.

    For more information regarding Worker's Compensation, please take a look at the Worker's Compensation web page here or contact Candace Miller at candace.miller@birdvilleschools.net.

    For more information about how your paycheck is calculated while on leave, please scroll down.

    Claim Filing 

    You will receive an email from the Benefits Office regarding payment of benefits and a list of benefits you are enrolled in and may need to file a claim for. Claim filing instructions and forms are listed below. 

    • Disability Claims Beginning on or after 9/1/22 (Lincoln Financial) - Group ID is BIRDVILLEI. You do not need to worry about the employer portion, the District will handle that with Lincoln directly. 

    Short Term Disability (STD) Claim Filling Instructions - Policy # 000010271295-00000

    Long Term Disability (LTD) Claim Filling Instructions - Policy # 000010271294-00000  

    Once your claim has been submitted (please wait 48 hours), register at LincolnFinancial.com:

    1. Go to LincolnFinancial.com and click the Register link in the top navigation panel.

    2. Select Employee Benefits, and follow the instructions. The Company Code is BIRDVILLEI.

    3. Once registered, you can review coverage, claim status, and policy information, print forms and report claim information such as a child delivery or a return-to-work date. 

    • Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP - The Hartford) - Policy #681612

    HIP Claim Filling Instructions

    HIP Claimant's Statement

    HIP Physician's Statement

    When submitting an HIP claim, make sure to include complete hospital records with the admission and discharge date and time, as well as information on ICU confinement. 

    • Cancer (American Public Life) - Policy #12906

    Cancer Claim Form

    • Critical Illness (Lincoln Financial) - Policy #583053

    Critical Illness Claim Instructions 

    Critical Illness Claim Form

    • Sick Bank 

    Sick Bank Request Form (may substitute FMLA paperwork for Physician's portion)

    • Emergency Transportation Plan (MASA) - Member ID number is located on your card. If you don't have your member ID, please contact MASA at 800-643-9023.

    Emergency Transport Claim Instructions 

    Sick Leave Bank

    The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank is to provide additional sick leave days to members of the Bank who, in the event of their own or an immediate family member's critical or extended illness, surgery, injury, and/or other temporary disability, and is unable to perform the duties of his/her position. When it becomes apparent that a member will exhaust all accumulated state and local leave and vacation days, then and only then may a request be initiated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    • Bank days cannot be used for maternity leave, but may be requested for complications arising from pregnancy;
    • Bank days cannot be used for Worker's Compensation leave; 
    • The employee must miss five (5) consecutive days; All leave days, including vacation days, must be exhausted;
    • Bank days may be requested for yourself or to care for an immediate family member;
    • For complete information, please review the Sick Leave Bank Guidelines.
    To enroll in the Sick Leave Bank you must be in your new hire enrollment period, or you may enroll during Annual Benefits Enrollment. Enrollment is completed through THEbenefitsHUB. When you join the bank, you will donate 3 personal days - you do not donate 3 days each year;   
    To request days from the Sick Leave Bank, complete the Form to Request Days from Bank
    To verify if you are in the BISD Sick Bank, click here. Click log-in in the upper right corner. Once in the THEbenefitsHUB, go to Benefit Plan Information, then Benefit Plan Enrollment to see if you are enrolled. 

    Leaves and Paycheck Calculation

    We would like to provide you with the basics of how your pay is calculated while you are on leave. You may have enough leave days (local, state, Non BISD State Personal, Non BISD State Sick, vacation, comp time) to cover your entire leave and not miss any pay. However, if you do not have enough leave days to cover your entire leave, you will be “docked” the days you are scheduled to work. Everyone’s situation and calculation is different, but the basic calculation is below:

    • Know your regular salary (annual salary divided by 12) and daily rate. Both can be found on your pay stub and are listed under rate and current.
    • Have the payroll schedule, found at Birvilleschools.net/Departments/Programs/Payroll/Payroll Related Forms. Look for the applicable (monthly or Bi-weekly) Payroll Cut-Off dates file.
    • Look at each pay period on your days of duty calendar and count how many actual work days you are not working each pay period. Keep in mind days you are not scheduled to work (like spring break) don’t count as missed days.
    • Multiply the number of work days you are missing by your daily rate.
    • Subtract this total from your monthly salary; this is how much you should be paid or in the negative for that pay period.
    • If you should be paid, taxes and deductions will be taken and you will receive the remaining balance. If you are in the negative, or “dock” status, that balance will carry forward to the next month and be added to, or subtracted, from your next check. You may also still be responsible to pay health benefit premiums.

    Examples are provided below and a worksheet can be found here. Please note, examples are only intended as high-level calculations and do not include all scenarios. Your results may be different depending on taxes and other variables.

    Monthly Sample

    Pay period (Monthly) salary $5000                                           15 X 320.85 = $4812.75

    Daily rate $320.85                                                                         $5000 - $4812.75 = $187.25

    Miss 15 days from pay period                                                     Gross pay (before taxes and deductions) $187.25

    It is possible in this scenario you will still owe benefit premiums.

    Bi-weekly Sample

    Pay period (bi-weekly) salary $1,300                                        8 X $136.29 = $1,090.32

    Daily rate $136.29                                                                         $1,300 - $1090.32 = $209.68

    Miss 8 days from pay period                                                       Gross pay (before taxes and deductions) $209.68

    It is possible in this scenario you will still owe benefit premiums.

    If your gross pay is positive, this is money owed to you. If your gross pay is negative, this is money you owe the district. Negative balances will be carried over to the next pay period until paid in full. If you separate from the district with a negative balance (overpaid status), you will be required to repay the district.