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    Detailed information can be found below regarding changes to benefits and  demographic changes. 

    If you need to order new cards,  need claim filing instructions, or other information you may contact the carriers individually listed on Birdville's Benefits Portal by clicking here.

    If you need to access THEbenefitsHUB to see your current enrollment and beneficiary designations, please click here and then click on THEbenefitsHUB link under the picture. Please use the instructions on the log-in screen. 

    We hope this information is helpful, but please feel free to contact the benefits office at any time with questions at 817-547-5782. 


    Making Benefit Changes 

    Health Care Related Changes (Section 125 Qualifying Events)

    Mid-year changes to benefits may only be made if you experience a qualifying event, regardless if it is a change to a pre or post-tax benefit. The only exception is HSA accounts which allow you to change your deduction amounts mid year. You must notify the Benefits Office within 30 days of the qualifying event to make changes to your benefits. Changes to benefits due to a qualifying event cannot be made through THEbenefitsHUB and must be submitted via the Birdville ISD Change Form found below. You may submit the form and supporting documentation in the following ways:

    Email – susan.dippolito@birdvilleschools.net           Fax – 817-547-5580          

    Interoffice – Susan Dippolito, Benefits (Central Admin)

    Mail – Birdville ISD Benefits, 6125 East Belknap St., Haltom City, TX 76117


    Any addition of coverage will be effective the first day of the month following the qualifying event. You will be responsible for paying back any missed premiums. Any deletion of coverage will be effective the 1st of the month following the receipt date of your forms.

    Examples of a qualifying event include:

    Change in Marital Status – marriage, divorce, annulment, or death or your spouse. Please note, once a divorce is final, the ex-spouse is no longer an eligible dependent and must be removed from the District’s coverage. Supporting documentation is required such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or proof of death.

    Change in number of tax dependents – birth, adoption or placement for adoption. Supporting documentation is required such as a hospital birth record or adoption record.

    Judgement/Decree/Order – a court-order requiring addition or change of benefits for a dependent, including any changes to a child custody arrangement. A copy of the order is required.

    Change of employment status – change in employee, spouse, or dependent job status that affects the individuals eligibility under another group insurance plan (employer plan). Supporting documentation is required such as proof of new coverage (new card or enrollment verification) or proof of loss of coverage (COBRA Letter or letter from employer, must include effective date).

    Gain or Loss of Dependent Eligibility – change to a dependent’s eligibility status such as turning 26, a change in employment, or tax dependent status. Please note dependents on Birdville’s coverage will be automatically removed the 1st of the month after their 26th birthday.

    Eligibility for Government Programs – gain or loss of Medicare/Medicaid/Marketplace coverage. Supporting documentation is required such as a copy of the acceptance letter, new cards, or letter of loss of coverage.      

    403(b) and 457 Related Changes

    You may enroll in or change your contribution rates to the 403(b) and 457 plans at any time. TCG Administrators, the District's plan administrator, can help with these transactions. Please call TCG at (800) 943-9179, or the local representative Clayton Puckett via teleconference by going to www.tcgservices.com/cpuckett. Further information about these plans can be found on the District's benefits portal by clicking here


    Making Address and Demographic Changes

    You will need to change your address in Munis, which will feed to all of your benefit carriers. Detailed information on address changes can be found on the Human Resources website here. If you don't know your Munis Log In information, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 817-547-5888.


    Annual Employee Benefits Enrollment

    Annual Employee Benefit Enrollment typcially occurs in July/August and elections are effective Setpember 1st. During this period, you have the opportunity to review, change, or continue benefit elections. 

    Annual Employee Benefit Enrollment elections must be made by going to the District’s Benefits Portal, clicking on THEbenefitsHUB, and loging in; or through the mobile app. Once Annual Employee Benefit Enrollment is complete, employees have access to the HUB to review their benefit elections and change beneficiary information only. Changes are not permitted outside of Annual Employee Benefit Enrollment for any benefits (pre or post tax) unless a Section 125 qualifying event occurs. The HSA is the only exception to this rule. More information about Section 125 qualifying events is listed above.

    Annual Employee Benefits Enrollment deduction changes will take effect the first check in September. It is imperative you confirm your changes take effect on your check and notify the Benefits Office of any discrepencies in a timely manner.