• Address / Name Change
    This area will assist you in the process of revising your current address and/or name within the Birdville ISD system. 

    To Complete a Change of Address:
    Visit Birdville ISD's homepage and follow these steps:

    For additional questions, contact Karen Kearby in Human Resources at (817) 547-5772 or <<email Karen>>.
    To Request a Name Change:
    All name changes must be reported to Human Resources.

    Steps to Complete Employee Name Change:

    1. Download, complete and submit the correct forms to Human Resources.
    <<Access Name Change Notification Form>>
    If unable to submit the Name Change Notification form electronically, you may download and fax the completed form to Karen Kearby at (817) 547-5536.

    2. Supply Human Resources with a copy of your new social security card reflecting your change in name. This documentation is required to officially complete your name change. If you have not applied for a new social security card, you may contact the social security administration by one of the following methods:

    a. Access the Social Security Administration's website to request a new social security card to
            reflect your name change: <<Application for Social Security Card>> 

    b. Contact the Social Security Administration: Social Security Administration
                                                                                The Federal Building
                                                                                819 Taylor Street 
                                                                                Fort Worth, Texas
                                                                                Or visit: <<Social Security Administration>>

    3. Complete a TRS 15 Designation of Beneficiary form. If you choose to designate a new primary beneficiary due to marital status, download the TRS 15 Designation of Beneficiary form and mail it directly to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas in Austin.

    4. Employees who hold certification with the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) i.e., certified teachers/paraprofessionals should notify SBEC of a name change at: www.tea.texas.gov.

    Please note: Employees no longer need to notify TRS of their name change in writing. The Teacher Retirement System of Texas will be notified electronically of an employee’s name change after the employee has supplied Human Resources with the required documentation.

    Employees who hold certification with the State Board for Educator Certification i.e., certified teachers/paraprofessionals, should notify the Texas Education Agency (TEA) of a name change at <<www.tea.texas.gov>>

    Questions may be directed to Karen Kearby at (817) 547-5772 or <<email Karen>>.

    If you experience problems submitting any of the forms electronically,
    you may email your completed form(s) to Karen at Karen.Kearby@birdvilleschools.net or
    fax your forms to Karen in Human Resources at (817) 547-5536.

    Issues experienced submitting your form(s) may be due to your browser or email settings.