Frequently Asked Questions
If you have questions and are unable to locate the information you need, please contact a Human Resources representative at 817.547.5739. We are here to assist you!
 "I have several questions about the application process for a educational aide position. Where do I access an application? Do I need to have a degree? How can I access a list of open paraprofessional positions?"
<<Access Paraprofessional FAQ's>>

 "I am a current employee and am interested in retiring from Birdville ISD. What do I need to do?" <<Access Retirement Information>>

 "I am an expectant mother. What do I need to do to prepare for my maternity leave?"
<<Access Additional Maternity Leave Information>>

"Our family just had a baby. What do I need to do regarding health insurance and other benefits for our newborn?
<<Access Addition to the Family Information>>

"What do I need to do to change my name on my district records?"
<<Access Address/Name Change Information>>

"Where can I get information regarding my retirement account with the Teacher Retirement System of Texas [TRS]?"
<<Visit the TRS website>>

"I have a college degree but it is not in education. How do I obtain my teaching certificate to teach in Texas?"
<<Visit our Certification webpage>>

"I injured myself at work. What do I need to do?"
<<Visit BISD's Worker's Compensation Page>>

"I just got married. What do I need to do to update my personnel information and employee benefits?"
<<Visit Family Update Information>>

"I am eligible for a Teacher Retirement System [TRS] pension. Can I also receive a Social Security benefit?" Visit the <<Association of Texas Professional Educators website>>

"I would like to request a transfer to another campus. How would I do that?"

The online Employee Transfer Application is available to all BISD employees. Beginning in March of each year, professional and paraprofessional staff may complete a transfer request application by logging on to the Birdville website at: All requests for transfer should be completed online by the last week in April. Updates will be broadcast via our electronic newsletter, The Birdville Bulletin.