• Separation from District

    This page has been designed to specifically address questions regarding employee resignation procedures. Additional information regarding the resignation process is available in the Employment/Termination section of the Employee Handbook.

    Resignation Procedures
    Certified / Professional Staff Resignations: 
    Contact:  Barbara Eubank / Human Resources
    817.547.5756 <<email Barbara>>
    Elementary Paraprofessional Staff Resignations:
    Contact Jennifer Cooper / Human Resources
    817.547.5720 <<email Jennifer>>

    Secondary Paraprofessional Staff Resignations:
    Contact Belinda Uriostegui Martinez / Human Resources
    817.547.5711 <<email Belinda>>
    Auxiliary Staff Resignations:
    Contact:  Valeria Meraz-Rubio / Human Resources
    817.547.5711 <<email Valeria>>


    The following excerpts are taken directly from the Employee Handbook:

    Contract Employees: (Policy DFE)
    Contract employees may resign their position without penalty at the end of any school year if written notice is received at least 45 days before the first day of instruction of the following school year. A written notice of resignation should be submitted to the superintendent or designee through the Human Resources Department. Contract employees may resign at any other time only with the approval of the superintendent or the board of trustees. Resignation without consent may result in disciplinary action by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).

    Non-Contract Employees
    : (Policy DFE)
    Non-contract (at-will) employees may resign their position at any time. A written notice of resignation should be submitted to the superintendent, or designee through the Human Resources Department, at least two weeks prior to the effective date. Employees are encouraged to include the reasons for leaving in the letter of resignation but are not required to do so. <<Access Employee Handbook>>

    To view more information on resignations and retirements, see the Employment and Termination of Employment section in the Employee Handbook located on the BISD website. 
    To Request a Service Record from Human Resources:

    The Employee Records Request Form is the required document for all former and existing BISD employees to request an official service record from the district. Please complete and submit this form or print and fax your completed form to Barbara Eubank in Human Resources at (817) 547-5536. 

    Please Note:  Requests for service records from employees who are leaving the district upon completion of their contract/work year will be available in early August. Requests for service records by employees who are not completing the school year will be available the month following the employee's final paycheck.

    To request a service record or original transcripts from the Human Resources Department, please complete the Employee Records Request Form. This form is also available on the Forms/Helpful Information link. <<Access HR Forms/Helpful Information>>
    To Request Professional Learning Portfolio Records:
    For guidance on obtaining your Professional Learning Portfolio records, please visit the Professional Learning website > PL Processes & Procedures page.

    <<Access Instructions to Request Professional Learning Portfolio>>


    Additional questions regarding the resignation/retirement process may be addressed to Barbara Eubank at (817) 547-5756. <<email Barbara>>.