Dual Credit: Is it right for me? Dual credit is a course taken on the Haltom High School campus in which a student can earn a required high school credit while also earning college credit toward a future college degree.

  • How do I become a Dual Credit Student

    1. Speak with your counselor about registering for dual credit classes.

    2. Attend the dual credit parent meeting with your parents.

    3. Take the Texas Assessment Initiative Assessment (TSI) on your assigned date at HHS and get the required scores.

    4. Fill out the application for Texas Woman's College and/or Tarrant County College.

    5. Turn in the required enrollment/parent permission forms.

     For more information about dual credit, please view this presentation

    Does the college course credit I receive transfer to other colleges?

    Because state colleges and universities use a uniform numbering system, the college course credit from both Texas Woman’s University and Tarrant County College will transfer to state colleges and universities.

    Because the courses we offer are required by most universities, the college course credit will likely transfer to out of state universities and most private universities. However, students who think they might go out of state or to a private university should check with the colleges they might want to attend to see what dual credit classes are accepted.


    Should I take dual credit or AP?

    Dual Credit or AP?

    If you have questions about dual credit, please contact Ruth Cooper, Dual Credit Coordinator at 817-547-6065 or ruth.cooper@birdvilleschools.net 

  • Why Take Dual Credit Classes?

    • Gives students an early start on earning college credits

    • Helps students gain confidence in their ability to do college level work

    • Helps students better understand what is expected in college, which helps in their transition from high school to college

    • By taking less expensive college courses while in high school, students can save time and money completing a college degree


  • What is the cost of Dual Credit?

    Texas Woman’s University:

    • $50 application fee.
    • $195 per semester for each class
    • For students who get free lunch (not reduced), tuition is free
    • Cost of books  (cost varies depending on the class)


Dual Credit Classes Offered at HHS