• Birdville Independent School District Alternative Education Program

    DAEP's Motto: Excellence | Integrity | Service

  • Mission Statement: 

    The Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) seeks to meet the needs of students from all campuses of the Birdville Independent School District. Our mission therefore reflects the Birdville Independent School District’s mission, which is to ensure that all students position themselves to excel with integrity in an ever-changing global society through innovative and responsive learning environments.

  • Faculty and Staff:

    Attendance/Coordinator:           Paula Rueda

    Student Assistance Counselor:  Melissa Orman

    School Resource Officer:            Officer J. Rogers 


    Secondary School Faculty:                     

    Cary Beshel

    Katherine Eck

    Heather Kukuk

    Kara Rodriguez

    Gustavo Santana Cordero

    Farley Styles

    Elementary School Faculty:
    Mona Michael

    Inclusion Teachers:

    Rebekah Tinsman

    Sierra Work

    Educational Assistants:   

    Russell Clay

    Kaitlyn Green

    Melinda Salas

    Christopher Thompson

  • Intake Appointment times

    Intakes are by appointment only.

    To schedule an intake please call 817-547-5434

     DAEP Administration:

    Executive Director:   Dr. Joseph Showell

    Assistant Director:    Mr. Greg Bicknell

    Administrator:           Ms. Clara Campbell