• Insurance Options  

    Injuries happen in sports.  Unfortunately without insurance, major injuries can get expensive. We would like you to be prepared for when your child gets injured and needs medical attention.  
    The school district does not purchase insurance on behalf of students for school injuries or athletic injuries. You are responsible for purchasing insurance for your student athlete and assume all liability by allowing your student athlete to participate by signing the required Emergency Information sheet. There are options though! Below is information about insurance policies available for you to purchase.  


    Student Accident Insurance – The Hartford Group  (Link to BISD Student Accident Insurance Info)

    • Available to all students enrolled in BISD.  
    • Available options (one time payments, prices may vary. Please contact the company for exact costs) 
      • School Time Coverage ‐ $35-$50
      • Optional Football Coverage ‐ $275.00
      • 24 hour Coverage ‐ $125.00-$150.00
      • Extended Dental Benefits available 
    • Brochures are available in the school office
    • For more information please contact visiting the link: Student Insurance

    Cook Children’s Health Plan

    • toll free 1‐866‐971‐COOK (2665)
    • www.cookchp.org

    CHIP/ Children’s Medicaid / Texas Star Program

    • toll free 1‐877‐KIDS‐NOW (1‐877‐543‐7669)