• Advanced Academics Mission

    Birdville ISD offers an advanced and challenging curriculum through an array of learning experiences that provide greater depth and complexity than found in the district's core curriculum. As students progress through school, BISD offers opportunities for students to produce sophisticated, meaningful products and engage in valuable lived experiences in preparation for success beyond the BISD classroom.

    Advanced Academics Program

    Birdville ISD believes it is vital for students to have every opportunity to excel academically through rigorous and challenging courses. During the middle school years, identified gifted and talented students are served at the secondary level through Honors and Honors+ courses and during high school via Honors, Advanced Placement courses, Dual Credit, and/or Advanced Career Technology Education which provides options for students to excel in many areas of study. Students and parents should expect these courses to be challenging, thought provoking, rigorous, differentiated, and faster paced.

    BISD embraces inclusivity as illustrated via College Board's equity and access policy which attests "all students deserve engaging, relevant, and challenging grade-level coursework. Access to this type of coursework increases opportunities for all students, including groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in AP and college classrooms." 

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