• Screening Process for Secondary Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Services


    Birdville ISD follows the Texas State Plan for Gifted Education and uses multiple measures when screening students for GATE services.  The same types of data are initially collected on each referred student, including current scores from a standardized apitutude/abilities test and input on gifted traits/behaviors observed in the home and school environment.  The collected data for each referred student is taken to a GATE Placement committee for review.  GATE Placement Committees are formed of a minimum of three district personnel who have completed required GT training.  During the meeting, a member of the GATE Placement Committee may request additional data before making a service recommendation.  Students whose data reflects that gifted/talented (GATE) services will be the most effective way to meet their identified educational needs may be recommended for GATE Services.  


    Students can be screened for GATE services once per school year following the timeline below.  

    2021-2022 Screening Timeline 

    ** This timeline may be altered depending on future restrictions put in place at state and local levels.  Updates to this timeline will be published on this website**


    September 27, 2021- Referral period opens for students in grades 6-12
    (this is the only referral period for the 2021-2022 school year).


    October 22, 2021- Referral period closes at 4 pm.


    October 25-December 10, 2021 Testing window for students in grades 6 - 12. Academic coaches and deans will schedule testing times on each campus for referred students. **students who are enrolled in TLVA will be required to come to a district location to complete the screening process.**


    January-February 2022 - GATE placement committees will meet to consider placement. Parents will be notified by letter on GATE placement decisions.


    Special Screening Situations

    Transfer students:   If a student transfers to Birdville ISD that was identified for gifted and talented services in a previous district, that student will be screened for GATE services after verification of the GT identification from the previous district.  Data from the previous district that is less than two years old may be considered by the GATE Placement Committee.  If data is more than two years old, new data will be collected to determine if gifted services are appropriate.  If your child is a transfer student, please contact Stacye Onstott, Coordintor of Gifted Services.  Email Stacye Onstott. Be certain to include:  child's name, child's current grade level, child's previous campus and district, and child's current home campus in Birdville ISD.  If a student was identified for GATE services at one Birdville campus and transfers to another Birdville campus, that student will continue to receive GATE services.

    Special Education students:  Data used to determine special education services for students can be used to help determine GATE placement as long as it is less than two years old.  

    Outside Test Scores:  GATE Placement Committees will consider test scores from assessments given outside the district as long as the testing occurred in a public or private educational setting.  GATE Placement Committees do not accept test scores from private assessments.