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     Destination Imagination team enrollment opens September 1. Join other creative problem solvers and form a team to take on challenges and build friendships. Your team will choose from 7 amazing challenges, and you must accomplish your goal with little to no adult help.  By giving your name, you are letting us know you are interested in being on a team.  (Campuses must have at least 5 students interested in forming a team and at least one adult willing to manage the team to compete.) 

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    Enrollment is due September 30, 2022!

    After enrollment closes, teams will be formed based on student interest and adult volunteer availability

    For more information regarding Destination Imagination, please visit the Mid Cities Destination Imagination website.

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    challenge previews


    Congratulations to the following teams for winning first place in their Challenge and advancing to the 2022 Lone Star Finals State Tournament!

    Triple G

    Technical Challenge:  Daring Escape

    Triple G (Greater Gator Greats) of Green Valley:  Reis C., Sarah S., Navya S., Zoe S., Colbie S., and Alexander R. 

    Team Managers:  Vaness Copeland and Amy Swift.


    Improv Challenge:  Festival Frenzy

    NonCents of Smithfield Middle School:  Ellie C., Harper D., Nora F., Rory G., Elizabeth G., Selah M.

    Team Managers:  Margaret Hutto and Heather Gaven

    Magellan Award

    Magellan Award Winners (completed solutions to challenges in each of the SIX categories:  Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisation, Engineering, and Service Learning)

    Rhythm Chand-RHS

    Sebastian Sohn-RHS




    Destination Imagination Handbook 2022-2023 Birdville ISD


    If you have questions regarding Destination Imagination, please contact the district liaison, Laura Lyons.

    E-mail Laura Lyons