Screening Timeline for GATE Services 2021-2022

Timeline for GATE Screening 2020-2021 School Year
  • Special Screening Situations

    Transfer students:  If a student transfers to Birdville ISD that was identified for gifted and talented services in a previous district, that student will be screened for GATE services after verification of the GT identification from the previous district.  Data from the previous district that is less than two years old may be considered by the GATE Placement Committee.  If data is more than two years old, new data will be collected to determine if gifted services are appropriate.  If your child is a transfer student, please contact Stacye Onstott, Coordintor of Gifted Services.  Contact Stacye Onstott here. Be certain to include:  child's name, child's current grade level, child's previous campus and district, and child's current home campus in Birdville ISD.  If a student was identified for GATE services at one Birdville campus and transfers to another Birdville campus, that student will continue to receive GATE services.


    Special Education students:  Data used to determine special education services for students may be used to help determine GATE placement as long as it is less than two years old.  


     Outside Test Scores:  GATE Placement Committees will consider test scores from assessments given outside the district as long as the testing occurred in a public or private educational setting.  GATE Placement Committees do not accept test scores from private assessments.


    GATE Placement Committee Decision Appeal Process (FNG LOCAL)

    If a student is not recommended for GATE services by the GATE Placement Committee, a parent, student, or Birdville ISD personnel, may request a formal reconsideration of the decision if one of the following three criteria are met:

    • The home language of the student is not English, and there is evidence that this has impacted the results of the screening process.
    • The student has a disability as identified through the ARD or 504 committee that may have an impact on the screening process.
    • There is documented evidence that the student was experiencing emotional stress during the screening process due to a life change (ie divorce, death of a close family member, etc...)

    Level I Appeal Process

    • Parent, student, or Birdville ISD personnel must file a formal appeal  to the Coordinator of Gifted Services within 15 district business days of the receipt of the GATE Placement Committee’s decision, or if received during the summer, within the first 15 days of the school year. Click here to file a Level I formal appeal.
    • Within 15 days of the receipt of the written Level I appeal, the original GATE Placement Committee members reconvenes, reviews student data and considers additional information, makes service recommendations, and notifies the parent in writing.   

    Level II Appeal Process

    • If the parent, student, or Birdville ISD personnel did not receive the relief requested at the Level I Appeal Process, he or she may file a Level II Appeal.  After receiving notice of the appeal, the Level I administrator shall prepare and forward a record of the Level I Appeal, including all documentation submitted by the student or parent, as well as other documents relied upon by the Level I administrator in reaching the Level I decision, to the appropriate Level II administrator.  
    • The Level II administrator shall schedule a conference within ten days after the Level II appeal is received.  The conference shall be limited to the issues and documents presented by the student or parent at Level I.  No new documentation may be presented at Level II that was not made available at Level I.
    • The Level II administrator shall provide the student or parent a written response within ten days following the conference.
    • Level II appeal forms will be made available in the written response to a Level I appeal.