Facility Rentals Information

  •  BISD facility rentals Cathy Riley
    BISD Facility Rentals Coordinator
    Facilities Management

    Types of Rentals:

    Community Rentals

    Directions for rental process:

    1. Upon receipt of the completed rental request form (complete sections A, B), the rental request will be reviewed by Assistant Director of Facilities Management, William Shenko.  Upon pre-approval from the Rental Office the request will then be forwarded to the school campus or facility for final approval. The renter will be advised of the denial or approval of the rental by email.

    2. If the rental request is approved, a Rental Agreement will be drawn up to be signed by the renter and the Facility Rentals Coordinator.  Rental fees, refundable deposit and an original Certificate of Liability Insurance (in the amounts of $2 million on the building and $1 million on personal liability) will be due at the time the signed Agreement is returned to the Rental Office. The deposit will be held until the rental is completed. Renter will be advised if additional equipment or guidelines are applicable.

    3. If the Rental Office determines that security personnel is needed for the renter's event, then a security fee will be applied to the rate as well.

    NOTE: A minimum of twenty (20) working days is required to complete the process of checking for availability and review of the request.
    Intra-District Rentals
    1. BISD employees are to complete the following form:
      Intra-District Facility Rental Form