About the Facilities Management Department

  • The Facilities Management Department, in an effort to support the district's mission, strives to maintain clean, safe, pleasant, and equal learning environments for all students and staff members in an effective and efficient manner.  We use three methods to accomplish our goal:  the zero-based budget, the computerized work request system, and long-range planning for capital improvements.

    Annually each campus principal and department director submit facility requests to be placed in the zero-based budget.  The Directors, Principals, and Facilities Management staff prioritize the requested items and submit for Leadership review and approval.  The budget is then presented to the Board of Trustees for final approval.  All items approved as a priority one are completed within the budget year.

    Each campus and department has the capability to enter work requests for emergency and routine maintenance items as needed.  The Facilities Management staff review these work request daily and priorities are established.  Emergencies are handled immediately and other requested items are given a priority with a scheduled completion date assigned.

    The Birdville Independent School District also utilizes a Facilities Assessment Committee composed of a cross-section of community members such as business leaders, city officials, parents, and district staff members to establish the needs and priorities for capital improvements.  This committee is led by a professional architectural firm that incorporates demographic projections to help develop a long-range plan for improvements, renovations, and new facilities.