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    Classroom Expectations


    Objectives: To motivate Haltom High School JROTC cadets to be better citizens and to assist them in being successful in all of their academic and extra-curricular activities at Haltom High School.


    Required materials: As assigned by the Senior Army Instructor or Army Instructor and/or as noted in the weekly training schedule posted on the classroom bulletin board.


    General Class Procedure: Enter class quietly and take your assigned seat. We will review material from the previous day and proceed to the next lesson/activity. Students will take notes and begin working on assignment, if appropriate for the day’s lesson/activity.


    Homework: The purpose of homework is to practice and reinforce skills needed to be successful in this program. If assigned, homework is due the next time the class meets.


    Grading: Grades of 70% or better is passing. Grading is based on participation (this includes parades, inspections, and the military ball), completion of assignments, and quiz/test grades.


    Cheating/Lying: Every cadet is expected to do his/her own work. A cadet caught cheating on an exam or quiz will receive a zero for that exercise and will also be removed from his/her leadership position and demoted in cadet rank. A cadet found to be lying to a JROTC instructor, another teacher, or school administrator will be removed from his/her leadership position and demoted in cadet rank as directed by the SAI.


    Delinquent/Criminal Conduct: A cadet involved in delinquent/criminal conduct that results in adjudication as a juvenile offender will be removed from the JROTC program upon such determination.


    Demerits/Merits: A cadet’s conduct grade for each grading period will be determined by applying the standards outlined in the HHS JROTC Merit/Demerit SOP.


    Participation: Participation in note-taking, guided practice, collaborative activities and reviews, and all other aspects of this course is required for success in this course.


    Tardies: You are tardy if you are not in the classroom when the bell rings. Every third tardy is a referral.


    Cell Phone/Electronic Devices: No cellular phone use is allowed in class. Your phone will be taken up if it is used in class. Other electronic devices are only to be used with the knowledge and permission of your instructor




                      Be in assigned seat when the tardy bell rings.


             Treat others with respect.


                         Do not talk when the Instructor is talking.

                   Follow all directions form the Instructor and student leaders. 



                   First offense – Verbal warning


                   Second offense – 1 to 5 demerits.


                   Third offense – 6 to 10 demerits.


                   Fourth offense – 1-10 repetitions of instructor selected army physical fitness
                   exercise  and parent call                                   

    ** Major disciplinary issues will result in immediate office referral**


    Restroom Requirements

    • No restroom breaks during the first or last ten minutes of class.
    • No restroom breaks during direct instruction.

    Note: Cell phone must be turned in before going to restroom.



    Before Class

    • Be in the classroom before the tardy bell rings.
    • Have your supplies. A locker pass will not be issued.  


    First Five Minutes of Class

    • Roll call/attendance.
    • Be ready to go over assigned homework and prepare to answer/ask questions.


    Exam/Quiz Procedure

    • Work only on your own examination/quiz.


    Direct Instruction

    • Raise your hand to ask questions or talk.
    • Do not talk when someone else is talking. They are probably asking your question.
    • Take notes if appropriate.



    Dismissal Procedure

    • Instructor will tell you when it is time to stop working.
    • Clean up around your desk. Trash can is at the door.
    • Remain in your seat until the bell rings. No lining up at the door!