2019–20 Recipients

    June 2020

    Lopez, Violeta - Academy at C.F. Thomas Elementary (four nominations)

    Piesche, Melissa - Allene Mullendore Elementary

    Smith, Tiffany - Birdville High School

    Mais, Lisa - Dabid E. Smith Elementary

    Grado, Diane - Green Valley Elementary

    Wasserman, Jenny - Green Valley Elementary

    Denson, Shelley - Holiday Heights Elementary

    Downs, Jara - Jack C. Binion Elementary

    Dunnam, Jessica - North Ridge Elementary

    Jackson, Stephanie - North Ridge Elementary

    Sauerwein, Emily - North Ridge Elementary

    Seale, John - North Ridge Elementary

    Woodall, Miranda - North Ridge Elementary

    Sands, Kerri - Richland Elementary

    Endsley, Christine - Richland High School

    Turner, Lindsey - Smithfield Elementary

    Latham, Paige - W.A. Porter Elementary

    Smith, Janna - Walker Creek Elementary

    Bean, Laura - Watauga Elementary

    Charters, Natalie - Watauga Elementary

    Strong, Callie - Watauga Elementary

    Vaquera, Carmen - Child Nutrition 

    Lopez, Tony - Facilities Management

    Pendergrass, Mark - Faciliies Management

    Ramirez, Omar - Facilites Management

    BISD Grounds Crew - Facilities Management (two nominations)


    May 2020

    Campbell, Kelly - Academy at C.F. Thomas Elementary

    Benton, Benjamin - Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning

    Mussa, Edna - Birdville Elementary

    Merritt, Brandi - Birdville High School (two nominations)

    Harwell, Joey - Birdville High School

    Lofland, Shelley - Birdville High School

    Dennis, John - Birdville High School

    Mansfield, Kirk - Birdville High School 

    Smith, Tiffany - Birdville High School

    Wood, Nancy - Grace E. Hardeman Elementary

    Rader, Gina - Health Services

    Fortner, Linda - Green Valley Elementary

    Medlin, Kerryana - Haltom High School

    Gardner, Mary - Haltom High School

    Orso, Russell - Haltom Middle School

    Schilowsky, Veronica - Haltom Middle School

    DeJarnett, Calli - Grace E. Hardeman Elementary

    Lewis, Diana - Grace E. Hardeman Elementary

    Hughes, Kimberly - Holiday Heights Elementary

    Tinsley, Alexandria - Jack C. Binion Elementary

    DeArmond, Hannah - Jack C. Binion Elementary

    Bess, Robert - Jack C. Binion Elementary

    Moore, Kathrine - Major Cheney Elementary

    Moreno, Monica - Major Cheney Elementary (two nominations)

    Boyd, Carissa - North Ridge Elementary

    Burch, Emily - North Ridge Elementary

    Jimenez, Ashley - North Ridge Elementary

    Luppy, Kathleen - North Ridge Elementary

    Roberts, Seandae - North Ridge Elementary (three nominations)

    Stewart, Gail - North Ridge Elementary

    Tallon, Lori - North Ridge Elementary

    Davis, John - North Ridge Elementary

    Shadman, Jessica - North Ridge Elementary

    Jinks, Timothy - O.H. Stowe Elementary

    Bertucci, Michelle - Richalnd Elementary

    Ipson, Jennifer - Richland Elementary

    Sands, Kerri - Richland Elementary

    Williams, David - Shannon High School

    Baccus, Weston - Smithfield Elementary

    Green, Kat - Smithfield Elementary

    Whitaker, Sabrina - Smithfield Elementary

    Wilson, Courtney - Smithfield Elementary

    Pekurney, Kyle - Smithfield Middle School 

    Slead, Samantha - Smithfield Middle School

    Taylor, Melissa - Smithfield Middle School

    Castillo, Kourtnee - Snow Heights Elementary

    Nall, Susan - Snow Heights Elementary (two nominations)

    Tanner, Ginny - Snow Heights Elementary

    Paris, Chad - W.A. Porter Elementary

    Lass Sweeney, Jennifer - Walker Creek Elementary

    Lee, Jordan - Walker Creek Elementary

    Lepard Campbell, Amy - Walker Creek Elementary

    Perry, Marsha - Walker Creek Elementary

    Ward, Jennifer - Walker Creek Elementary

    Lopez, Juanita - Watauga Elementary

    Montoya, Donna - Watauga Elementary

    Vargas, Lorena - Watauga Elementary

    Brandy, Pam - Watauga Middle School

    Bridges, Rhonda - Watauga Middle School

    Jerger, Kelsey - West Birdville Elementary

    Sutton, Vanessa - West Birdville Elementary

    Baskerville, Skip - Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, Governance and Support Services

    Sargent, Judy - Child Nutrition

    Beckman, Phil - Communications

    DoPorto, Michelle - Communications

    Garcia, Amanda - Communications

    Juarez Orona, Abigail - Communications

    Thomas, Mark - Communications

    Tweed, Kim - Communications

    Whitlock, Stephanie - Communications

    Hylander, Toni - Digital Learning

    Lansford, Shelly - Digital Learning

    BISD Grounds Group - Facilities Management (two nominations)

    Edwards, Travis - Facilities Management

    Hughes, John - Facilites Management

    Simmons, Kelley - Counseling Services

    Simmons, Clarence - Secondary Education & Campus Support

    Brown, Dr. Darrell - Superintendent

    Hyman, Dr. Julie - Teaching & Learning | Advanced Academics

    Craig, Todd - Technology

    Lambson, Dave - Technology (two nominations)

    Madkins, Wyndell - Technology

    Worley, Brenton - Technology

    Nguyen, Sheri - Transportation 


    April 2020

    Anderson, Nicole - Walker Creek Elementary     

    Baker, Thomas - Technology

    Bean, Laura - Watauga Elementary    

    Blankenship, Ann - Birdville High School   

    Breaux, Claire - Porter Elementary    

    Bucci, Kathryn - Grace E. Hardeman Elementary     

    Burns, Vince - Richland High School    

    Chamberlain, Kendall - Alliene Mullendore Elementary (Two nominations)   

    Chambers, Katharine - Richland High School   

    Choate, Lauren - Child Nutrition

    Clem, Michael - Holiday Heights Elementary     

    Cockerham, Alexandra - Watauga Elementary     

    Cozad, Amber - Watauga Elementary    

    Daniels, Kirin - Watauga Middle School   

    Devlin, Ronald - Birdville High School    

    Doty, Jennifer - Watauga Elementary    

    Easley, Greg - North Richland Middle School   

    Freeman, John - Birdville High School   

    Gacnik, Debra - Guidance & Counseling

    Gilliland, Mark - Facilities Management

    Growald, Carrie - Smithfield Elementary     

    Guevara, Joshua - Facilities Management

    Haggard, Megan - West Birdville Elementary     

    Harris, Carly - Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning    

    Howard, Caitlin - Stowe Elementary    

    Hylander, Toni - Digital Learning & Library Services

    Ivie, Mark - North Ridge Middle School   

    Jones, Tara - Walker Creek Elementary     

    Kinnaird, Karen - North Ridge Elementary     

    Kuhlman, Stacie - Watauga Elementary     

    Lacey, Julee - Walker Creek Elementary (Two nominations)     

    Landers, Robyn - Walker Creek Elementary     

    Lass Sweeney, Jennifer - Walker Creek Elementary     

    Lester, Kyle - Richland High School    

    Lewis, Diana - Hardeman Elementary    

    Lovett, Vicki - Foster Village Elementary     

    Martínez, Diana - West Birdville Elementary     

    Maxwell, Courtney - Smithfield Elementary     

    McCanlies, Mark - Richland High School   

    Miller, Trenia - Guidance & Counseling

    Miller, Erecka - Guidance & Counseling (Two nominations)

    Muirhead, Jennifer - Richland High School   

    Nguyen, Nina - Walker Creek Elementary     

    Nyhuis Williams, Raye-Lani - Watauga Elementary

    Ovalle, Alejandra - Academy at C.F. Thomas Elementary 

    Rivas, Cecilia - West Birdville Elementary     

    Rivera Martinez, Marta - Academy at C.F. Thomas   

    Roberts, Eva - Major Cheney Elementary     

    Sanders, Antoine - Haltom High School   

    Schille, Michael - Richland High School   

    Sims, Tamatha (Tammy) – O.H. Stowe Elementary    

    Southall, Andrea - West Birdville Elementary     

    Squire, Audra - Special Education

    Stanley, Belinda - Birdville Elementary     

    Stubblefield, Kelly - North Richland Middle School 

    Stults, Deanna - Watauga Elementary     

    Tate, Monica - W.T. Francisco Elementary     

    Taylor, Kelley - Birdville High School    

    Taylor, Jessica - Richland Middle School   

    Taylor, Samantha - Alliene Mullendore Elementary      

    Thune, Emily - North Ridge Elementary     

    Torquemada Martinez, Yanet - Child Nutrition

    Trevino, Courtney - Alliene Mullendore Elementary      

    Vaughan, Mary - Watauga Elementary     

    Vinson, Dawn - Walker Creek Elementary     

    Walker, Lisa - Holiday Heights Elementary     

    Walker, Kim - Walker Creek Elementary     

    Ward, Jennifer - Walker Creek Elementary     

    Whitaker, Sabrina - Smithfield Elementary     

    Whitehurst, Amy - Walker Creek Elementary     

    Woodard, Stephanie - Advanced Academics

    Youngblood, Hannah - Richland Middle School


    March 2020

    Brown, Michelle - Transportation

    Camacho, Leticia - Technology

    Detrick, Danny - Fine Arts

    Gacnik, Debbie - Guidance & Counseling

    Gregory, Glenn - Facilities Management

    Howell, Elizabeth - Walker Creek Elementary

    Johnston, Hannah - Foster Village Elementary

    Lacey, Julie - Walker Creek Elementary

    Rivas, Maria - Facilities Management

    Tidwell, Angie - Haltom Middle 

    Watkins, Melanie - Grace E. Hardeman Elementary

    Officer Watkins, Willie - Student Services



    February 2020

    Avila, Claudine - Federal, State & Local Programs

    Banks, Kyndal - Foster Village Elementary

    Blizzard, Lori - North Richland Middle School

    Carpenter, Ronald - Facilities Management

    Clark, Tyler - Watauga Elementary (three nominations)

    Cozad, Amber - Watauga Elementary

    Daniels, Clarence - Facilities Management

    Deramus, Jill - North Richland Middle School

    Detrick, Leslie - North Richland Middle School

    Fielder, Dawn - Federal, State & Local Programs

    Gebel, Taylor - Shannon High School

    Green, Donald - Facilities Management

    Gurley, Tonya - Green Valley Elementary

    Gutierrez, Timothy - Facilities Management

    Hodge, Marvin - Facilities Management

    Holzberger, Caroline - Smithfield Middle School

    Howard, Caitlin – O.H. Stowe Elementary

    Johnston, Hannah - Foster Village Elementary

    Kotara, Shayne - Safety & Security

    Martinez, Gloria - Facilities Management

    Miller, Brock - Facilities Management

    Miller, Jennifer - Federal, State & Local Programs

    Moreno, Michael - Facilities Management

    Watkins, Oneida (Ms. Purple) - Transportation

    Riley, Cathy - Facilities Management

    Rios, Alma - North Ridge Middle School

    Schneider, Tracey - North Ridge Middle School

    Cafeteria Staff - Haltom High School

    Taylor, Lorelai - North Richland Middle School

    Tweed, Kimberly - Communications

    Viator, James - Technology

    Waldrup, Kalinda - Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning

    White, Cassie - Holiday Heights Elementary


    January 2020

    Abad, Carlos - Richland High School

    Blackmon, Michaela - North Richland Middle School

    Boone, Kelley - Federal & State Programs

    Bowman, Katie - Associate Superintendent of Finance & Operations

    Brockleman, Charlie - Richland Elementary

    Carbonero, Nic - Technology

    Caviness, Crysten - Teaching & Learning

    Chambers, Kate - Richland High School

    Daniels, Clarence - Facilities Management (four nominations)

    Davis, Bobby - Facilities Management

    Denson, Shelly - Holiday Heights Elementary

    Facilites Management - Electrical Department

    Freeman, Shelley - Purchasing Department

    Funderburgh, Jeff - Central Stores/Warehouse (two nominations)

    Garcia, John - North Oaks Middle School

    Haye, Channing - Alliene Mullendore Elementary

    Humer, Kathryn - North Richland Middle School

    Jackson, Rodney - Special Education

    Kratky, David - Central Stores/Warehouse

    Lane, Sharon - Richland Middle School

    LeBlanc, Patti - North Ridge Elementary

    Moreno, Michael - Facilities Management

    Munoz, John - Watauga Middle School

    Piasecki, Morgan - Holiday Height Elementary

    Provence, Michelle - Health Services Department

    Ratliff, Amanda - Richland Middle School

    Riley, Cathy - Facilities Management

    Rivera, Emily - Special Education

    Shaddox, John - Shannon High School

    Taylor, Susan - Grace E. Hardeman Elementary

    Thompson, Katilyn - Birdville High School

    Thrash, Dora - Business & Finance

    Tidwell, Andrea - Green Valley Elementary

    Transportation Department

    Washington, Dana - Holiday Heights Elementary


    December 2019

    Abbs, Robert - Special Education

    Ayala, Erika - Purchasing

    Bollinger, Stephanie - Central Stores/Textbooks/Warehouse

    Culp, Mandy - Foster Village

    Dominguez, Donna - Purchasing

    Dreier, Melba - Birdville Elementary

    Foster, Steven - Richland High School

    Freeman, Shelley - Purchasing

    Ginder, Belinda - Transportation

    Grant, John - Child Nutrition

    Henderson, Paige - North Ridge Elementary

    McBreen, Dillon - Child Nutrition

    Money, Cassandra - Foster Village Elementary

    Moreau, Jennifer - Richland Middle School

    Mullins, Tiffany - Purchasing

    Ott, Ken - Central Stores/Textbooks/Warehouse

    Pars, Chad - W.A. Porter Elementary

    Pruett, Shane - Central Stores/Textbooks/Warehouse

    Pybus, Savannah - Birdville High School

    Reynoso, Ashley - Purchasing

    Roberts, Shelby - North Ridge Middle School

    Scott, William (Bill) - North Ridge Middle School

    Thornton, Rita - Purchasing

    Torrance, Jennifer - Shannon High School

    Vandenbosch, Shawn - Child Nutrition

    Williams, Marina - Purchasing


    November 2019
    Beshel, Cary - Shannon High School / DAEP

    Burke, Brent  - Central Stores/Textbooks/Warehouse

    Canizares, Jennifer - Digital Learning & Library Services

    Cockerham, Alexandra - Watauga Elementary

    Epps, James - Facilities Management

    Freeman, Shelley - Purchasing

    French, Susan - Collegiate Academy of Birdville

    Fry, Deedra  - Richland Elementary

    Gilliland, Mark - Facilities Management

    Govea, Daniel - Facilities Management

    Hankins , Lisa - Binion Elementary

    Hughes, John - Facilities Management

    Hull, Donald - Haltom High School

    Hutton, Janice - Academy at C.F. Thomas

    Jett, Susie - Smithfield Elementary

    Kirkwood, Diana - Smithfield Elementary

    Knierim, Amy - Haltom High School

    Lopez, Marco "Tony" - Facilities Management

    Mathson, Conan - Facilities Management

    McCarty, Candance - Binion Elementary / ASPIRE Coordinator

    Mitchell, Scott - Facilities Management

    Montgomery, Kelli - Digital Learning & Library Services

    Nava, Chad - Technology

    Pendergrass, Mark - Facilities Management

    Proctor, Michael - Facilities Management

    Shaffer, Melanie - Birdville High School / Sp.Ed. EA

    Shenko, William - Facilities Management

    Smyrl , Daphne - Watauga Elementary

    Cafeteria Staff - Child Nutrition / Shannon High School

    Tauzin, Anita - Transportation

    Tucker, Jason - Haltom High School

    Waldmann, Tim - Shannon High School / Asst. Principal

    Williams, Taylor - Digital Learning & Library Services

    Willis, Brent - Facilities Management


    October 2019

    Alexander, Christy – Hardeman Elementary

    Clifton, Tina – Career & Technology Education/Birdville High School

    Curry, Paige – Human Resources

    Davis, Bobby – Facilities Management/Locksmith

    Ingram, Rachel – Holiday Heights Elementary

    Kahle, Amber – Nursing Services/Birdville High School

    Kern, Adrienne – Holiday Heights Elementary

    Lovett, Vicki – Foster Village Elementary

    Pascal, Stephanie – Child Nutrition/Green Valley Elem.

    Sands, Kerri –Richland Elementary

    Scott, Ms. Nettie – Transportation

    Shaw, Sallye – David E. Smith Elementary

    Slough, Keylee – Foster Village Elementary

    Snow, Ms. Connie – Transportation

    Stephenson, Ms. Leah – Foster Village Elementary

    Uriostigui, Zenaidah – Facilities Management

    September 2019

    Bennett, Jennifer – Richland High School/ASL Teacher

    Cruze, Jennifer – Richland High School

    Ekolo, Cynthia  (Kabena) – Stowe Elementary/ASPIRE Site Coordinator

    Funderburgh, Jeff – Purchasing/Central Stores–Warehouse (Two Nominations)

    Gaston, Christine – Birdville High School

    Govea, Daniel – Facilities Management

    Hilburn, Kelly – Binion Elementary

    Irish, Travis – Binion Elementary

    Johnson, Andrya – Richland Elementary

    Miller, Sandra – Haltom High School/Special Ed

    Owen, Maegan – Holiday Heights Elementary/Computer EA

    Upchurch, Sarah – Watauga Elementary

    Uriostigui, Zenaida – Facilities Management (Two Nominations)

    Wells, Jason – Birdville High School

    August 2019

    Bates, Justin – Watauga Middle School

    Bright, Hollye – Birdville High School

    Browning, Deborah – Haltom High School

    Davis, Bobby – Facilities Management

    Dennis, Kecia – Richland Middle School

    Department, Grounds – Facilities Management / Grounds Department

    Doty, Edward – Facilities Management / Major Cheney Custodian

    Hall, Bailey – Richland Elementary

    Hobbs, Donna – Binion Elementary

    Kuhlman, Stacie – Watauga Elementary

    Lambson, Dave – Technology

    Matar, Monte – Transportation

    Miller, Trenia – Richland High School / Counselor

    Nguyen, Sheri – Transportation

    Pena, Liz – Haltom High School

    Russell, Deeann – Haltom High School

    Thang, Hon – Facilities Management/Shannon Center Custodial (Two Nominations)

    Warehouse Staff, Central Stores/ – Central Stores / Warehouse / Purchasing

    Wiley, Kem – Transportation (Three Nominations)

    July 2019

    Campbell, John – Human Resources

    Carbonero, Nic – Technology

    Gonzalez, Erika – Facilities Management /Shannon Center Custodial

    Kern, Adrienne – Holiday Heights Elementary

    Kidd, Eric – Central Stores/Warehouse /Purchasing

    Lih, Han – Facilities Management /Shannon Center Custodial

    Rivera, Rene – Central Stores/Warehouse Purchasing Dept.

    Waldie, Julia – Smithfield Elementary/ SEEC

    June 2019

    Casarez, Robin – Facilities Management

    Foster, Richard – Transportation

    Hammonds, Cindy – Facilities Management

    Moreno, Michael – Facilities Management / Compliance Specialist

    Navarro, Felipe – Richland Elementary

    Vick, Julie – Birdville High School