How To Make Changes To Your 2024/25 Course Requests

  • Please view your course requests for the 2024/25 school year on the FOCUS student portal.
    Review Course Selection Sheets If Needed
    *Both student and parent need to electronically sign the form
    *Do not fill out this form if you do not need to make any changes
    *Friday, March 8th is the last day to submit a course change request
    If all course requests are correct, stop here.  No further action is needed.  Your schedule will be ready in August.
    If you need to make changes, please complete the form below to submit your requested changes.  You may submit up to four changes per form.  Counselors will make requested changes in Focus.  Schedules will be ready in August.
    Reminder For the 2024/25 school year
    Drop requests for Honors/AP courses will only be considered at the end of the first four weeks, at the end of nine weeks, and at the end of the first semester if space is available in the new class.
    Friday, March 8th - Last day to make any course request changes for the next school year.  This form is due by 12:00 PM.