• Career and Technology Education 



    Department Chair: Amy Strickland



    Teacher Name- Subjects-Conference Period   

    Barrett, Kerry   PIT   6th Period

    Bradshaw, Kelly  Professional Communications & PE  5th Period

    Foster, Steve Anatomy & Physiology 2nd Period

    Hagar, Tracie  Marketing  6th Period

    Harris, Dana  Engineering, AP Computer Science, Robotics  4th  Period

    Johnson, Chris  Professional Communications  5th Period

    Juarez, Jay Animation, Princ of Law & AP Computer Science Principles 3rd Period

    Lundy, Elizabeth   Food Science  5th Period

    Penka, Heather Sports Medicine 6th Period

    Pereira, Iracy  BIM, Entrepreneurship, Dollars & Sense  1st Period

    Schilling, Steven Photojournalism & Yearbook 2nd Period

    Stevens, Susan Education & Training, Human Growth and Development 7th Period

    Strickland, Amy  Digital Media, Graphic Design, HOPE Squad  2nd Period

    Taylor, Tana  Life Time Nutrition & Wellness, Mental Health & Counseling, Interpersonal Studies, Fashion Design  2nd Period

    Whitmire, Jared Medical Terminology 6th Period