• World Languages
    "One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages opens every door along the way." -- Frank Smith 
    A world of opportunities are available to you when you master a second language. Richland High School provides as many as 4 or 5 years of instruction and experience in 5 different languages from around the corner and around the globe. We are honored to offer Advanced Placement classes in all our languages (except ASL, where we have Dual Credit through TCC). Join us as we learn about our neighbors, our global community and ourselves while we explore the world.
    Language  Teachers  Levels
    American Sign Language  Jennifer Bennett  I - IV
    Chinese (Mandarin)  Ping Wu  I - IV
    French  Marcos Roye  I - IV
    Latin   Tess Flynn
     I - IV 
    Spanish  Carlos Abad  I, II
       Dustin Conniff  I
       Cory Denson  II, AP IV, AP V
       Renae McAlister, chair  PreAP II, PreAP III
       Adam Wilson  I, II