• Mission
    The mission of Birdville ISD is to ensure that all students position themselves to excel with integrity in an ever-changing global society through innovative and responsive learning environments.
    We believe that ... 
    • Human beings are complex with unique intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs.
    • Every person is unique by design, with abilities, gifts and talents.
    • Every person has inherent value and unique potential.
    • All people are innately curious.
    • Relationships are an inherent human need.
    • Personal responsibility is essential and noble for all.
    • Family profoundly impacts who we become.
    • Character is developed through life experiences.
    • With a privilege comes responsibility and accountability.
    • A physically and emotionally safe environment encourages learning.
    • Learning is not limited by time or space.
    • Freedom is a universal desire to be promoted and preserved.
    • Values drive choices.
    • Change is constant.