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    Richland High School's Mission 

    Through cooperative efforts with the community, Richland High School's programs of instruction not only promote self-confidence, creativity, scholarship, and citizenship, but also provide skills for an ever-changing world.

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    Our C.O.R.E. (Community of Respect Everywhere) Values

    BISD and Richland High School support the diversity of our students, staff and community. This is reflected in the District’s C.O.R.E. Values (Community of Respect Everywhere). They are:

    • Responsibility: Ability to distinguish between right and wrong and to be accountable for one's behavior. Accountability.

    • Empathy: Ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties. Understanding, Compassion.

    •  Kindness: Being sympathetic and caring. Gentleness, Loving.

    • Honesty: Being truthful, fair and trustworthy. Integrity.

    • Acceptance: Willingness to treat someone or something of different views, cultures, religions or appearance with fairness. Open-mindedness.

    • Courage: Ability to face difficulty or uncertainty without being overcome with fear. Bravery, Valor.