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  • September 23, 2021 | Vol. 43, No. 3

Partners in Education

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    Parchment Pathway Fellowship

    Parchment Pathway Fellowship, represented by Cristian Villegas and Jacob Pouttu, was recognized as an active business partner with the Collegiate Academy of BirdvilleThey have graciously supported the CAB staff and students. 

Summary of Actions

  • Approved the donation from:   

    • HEB Central Market to BCTAL Blooms. 

    Approved additional 2021–22 teacher (T-TESS) appraisers. 

    Approved the request for class-size waivers for 10 sections in kindergarten through fourth grade for 2021–22.  

    Approved the lease amendment with Verizon for the cell tower at Haltom High School. 

    Adopted the resolution regarding Local Remote Learning Program. 

    Approved budget amendments. 

Bids Awarded

  • Approved the bids/purchases for (monies for these projects come from 2018 Bond funds): 

    • HVAC replacement at Haltom High School from TDR Contractors, Inc. 

    Approved the final payment to (monies for these projects come from 2018 Bond funds): 

    • Nationwide Network Technologies, Inc. for technology device removal and reinstallation at Birdville High School. 

Future Board Meeting

  • Thursday, October 28, 2021, Regular Board Meeting, open session at 7 p.m., Boardroom.  

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