• Why you should choose Pre-AP/AP courses

    As you make decisions about courses you will take each year, I hope that you will consider enrolling in Pre-Advanced Placement/Advanced Placement (Pre-AP/AP) courses. Research during recent years has shown that students who take AP courses and participate in the accompanying AP exams actually graduate from college at a much higher rate than do students who have not taken AP courses.
    As you consider what courses will best help you gain admission to college . . . and successfully complete college within the least time, please look at the attachments for which links are included below:
    Finally, look at this graph (Factors Influencing College Admissions)showing what college admissions counselors consider the important factors in determining which applicants to admit to their colleges and universities. When you look at the factor that is considered most important: grades in college prep courses, at Richland High School, those courses would primarily be Pre-AP/AP courses.