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  • August 22, 2019 | Vol. 41, No. 2

Partners in Education Recognitions

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    Esmi Martinez, JT Thomas, Halie Martinez, William Martinez and Weslie Martinez with Giving Christmas  

    Esmi Martinez, JT Thomas, Halie Martinez, William Martinez and Weslie Martinez with Giving Christmas were recognized for their support of Birdville ISD and West Birdville, Smith and Francisco elementary schools. 

Student Recognitions


    SkillsUSA and Future Educators

    Elizabeth McLane Collins, Matthew Dages, Christian Reich and Mafdy Ghaly were recognized for winning at the 55th Annual National Leadership and Skills Conference for SkillsUSA in Louisville, Kentucky.  

    Jessica Rivas and Amira Taha (pictured above) were recognized for winning at the annual Educators Rising National Conference for the Texas Association of Future Educators in Dallas.  

    Destination Imagination

    Asher and Keegan Pierce, Birdville High; Ella Pursley, Brooke Hampton, Marissa Carrosco, and Brianna Gilpin, North Ridge Middle School; and Rory Gaven, Ellie Courtney, Alexa Elemore, Selah Mathew, Nora Foster, Elizabeth Goodwin and Harper Dorasami, Porter Elementary were recognized for their performance at the 2019 Global Finals for Destination Imagination in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Summary of Actions

  • Approved the donations from: 

    • Mr. and Mrs. David E. Smith to Smith Elementary; 
    • Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation to BISD’s Guidance & Counseling Department;  
    • Birdville High School Volleyball Boosters to the Birdville High Volleyball program; and 
    • Best Facility Services to Smith Elementary. 

    Approved the 2018 Bond Oversight Committee. Members are: Alison Ames, Michael Gist, Travis Malone, Kathryn Rotter, Tommy Stamps, Kristen Wheeler and Chris Zimmer. Bond information is available at BISDBond18.net

    Approved the schematic design for Smithfield Elementary. 

    Approved the design development phase for the new partner elementary school. 

    Authorized the superintendent or his designee to approve routine utility easements for construction projects.  

    Approved the easement with Richland Hills related to the construction of the pedestrian bridge at the new partnership school.  

    Approved the 2019–20 revised debt service fund budget.  

    Approved the resolution calling for prepayment of the remaining portion of the existing Unlimited Tax School Building and Refunding Bonds, Series 2007. This prepayment will save taxpayers more than $712,156 in interest payments.  

    Approved the 2019–20 ad valorem tax rate of $1.3839 per $100 valuation. The maintenance and operations (M&O) portion of the tax rate is $0.97; the portion to pay the debt service (I&S) is $0.4139. The M&O tax rate is $0.07 less than 2018–19, and the I&S rate is unchanged.    

    Approved the District’s Concussion Oversight Team (COT). Team members are:  Dr. Damond Blueitt, Dr. Michele Kirk, Adrian Rosales, Lacy Foster, and Heather Penka.  

    Approved the resolution recognizing 4-H as an approved extracurricular activity. Steve Chaney, Alyssa Witt, Jacklyn Jones, Robin Hall, Shannon Johnson-Lackey, Jordan Peldyak, Laura Miller and Alaina O’Daniel will be the adjunct staff members.  

    Approved additional administrators to serve as teacher appraisers.   

    Approved additional administrators to serve as principal and assistant principal appraisers.   

    Approved budget amendments.  

    Approved the superintendent to terminate construction contracts and approve a replacement general contractor.  

    Approved the wage rate scale for construction projects. 


Bids Awarded

  • Approved the bid/purchase for: 

    • Paper and cleaning products from multiple vendors for Child Nutrition; 
    • Awards, trophies, promotional and spirit wear items from multiple vendors; 
    • Plumbing services and supplies from multiple vendors; 
    • Fleet vehicle maintenance service and parts from multiple vendors; 
    • Facilities maintenance contracted services from multiple vendors; and 
    • Buses from Thomas Bus Gulf Coast GP, Inc. 

    Approved the final payment to: 

    • Tegrity Contractors, Inc. for the Collegiate Academy of Birdville renovation; 
    • BKM Total Office of Texas, LLC for the Collegiate Academy of Birdville renovations office partitions; and 
    • MasterTurf Products and Services, Inc. for baseball and softball field repairs at Haltom High School and softball field repairs at Birdville High School. 

    Approved the contract amendment with HKS, Inc. for roadwork design at Smithfield Elementary.  

Future Board Meeting

  • Thursday, September 26, 2019, Regular Board Meeting, open session at 7 p.m., Boardroom.  

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