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  • May 23, 2019 | Vol. 40, No. 11

Student/Staff Recognitions

  • Birdville HS students
    Birdville High School Honorees

    Haltom High Students

    Haltom High School Honorees

    Richland High Students

    Richland High School Honorees

    Top-ranking students at Birdville, Haltom and Richland high schools for the Class of 2019 were recognized. Scholars include: Jenna Ruhlman, valedictorian, BHS; Michelle Martinez, valedictorian, HHS; Kevin Pang, valedictorian, RHS; Jessica Frederick, salutatorian, BHS; Marlen Ortega, salutatorian, HHS; and Josh Chirayil George, salutatorian, RHS.  

    Four seniors were recognized as National Merit Finalists. They are: Kevin Pang and Grace Disalvi, Richland High School; Jenna Ruhlman and Camille Henyan, Birdville High School. 

    Seven seniors were recognized as commended scholars in the National Merit Scholarship Program. They are: Nathan Settlemaier, Jacob Schuck, Jessica Frederick and Lilly Bruner, Birdville High School; Patricio Vela IV, Haltom High School; and Tin Ha and Bradley Poirier, Richland High School. 

    Three seniors were recognized as National Merit Hispanic Scholars. They are: Jessica Frederick, Birdville High School; and Joshua Pruett and Juan Rogel, Richland High School. 

    VASE Students  

    Forty- four students from Birdville, Haltom and Richland high schools were recognized for their artwork advancing to the Texas Association of Art Educators’ Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE). They were: Jeremiah Adams, Seth Adams, Emily Andrade (2 artworks), Casey Biggs, Matthew Bourn, Bradi Bratton (2 artworks), Vi Bui (2 artworks), Caitlyn Chapman, Mackenzie Crosby, Kiara Daniels, Rosalinda Delgado, Chris DeWeese, Brianna Diaz, Elizabeth Dickerson, Gianni Dugulescu, Joscelyn Estrada-Bonilla, Rein Fraire, Amira Gemeny, Colby Golightly (2 artworks, 2 Gold Seals), Catherine Gomez, Kathleen Haklar, Cameron Hallford, Willow Harrah, Haleigh Harris, Kaiya Harris-Stephens, Emma Hilliard (2 artworks, 1 Gold Seal), Aleyna Holcombe (2 artworks), Genisus Hood, Ashlyn Hubbard, Ethan Jones, Alana Kuykendall, Kayla Meyers, Natalie Morter, Mimi Nguyen, Phung Nguyen, Beverly Ontiveros, Lanah Phan (2 artworks), Gina Plagianos, Christina Rangel, Amber Richards, Monica Rodriguez Morales, Lyncee Smith, Annabella (Tyler) Stephens, and Zimeng Tang. 

    CTE Students  

    Christian Reich, Richland High School senior, and Matthew Blackwell, Birdville High School senior, were recognized for placing fifth at the National Automotive Technology Competition in New York City. 

    Adam Jennings and Sammy Ward, Birdville High School seniors, were recognized for winning first place at the DECA International Career Development Conference in the Sports and Entertainment Operations Research event.  

Summary of Actions

  • Approved the donations from:

    • Multiple vendors to BISD’s Golden Gala; 
    • Smithfield Elementary PTA to Smithfield Elementary; 
    • Richland Area Band Boosters to BISD’s Fine Arts program; 
    • Green Valley Elementary PTA to Green Valley Elementary; and 
    • Ernie Horn to BISD. 

    Administered the oath of office to Place 6 Trustee Ralph Kunkel, and Place 7 Trustee Kris Drees. 

    Elected the 2019–20 officers for the Board of Trustees. They are: Ralph Kunkel, president; Jack McCarty, vice president; and Joe Tolbert, secretary.

    Approved the 2019–20 Student Code of Conduct. 

    Approved the design development phase for the pedestrian bridge at the new partner elementary school.  

    Approved the business career and technology internship agreement with the City of North Richland Hills. 

    Approved budget amendments. 


  • Announced 46 appointments, 29 resignations and one retirement. 
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    Announced 11 administrative appointments:

    • Gregory Bicknell, Assistant Director, Student Services
    • Andrea Gray, Elementary Digital Learning Specialist, Digital Learning
    • Trista Hennebry, Secondary Digital Learning Specialist, Digital Learning
    • Mark McCanlies, Principal, Richland High School
    • Erecka Miller, Counselor, Major Cheney Elementary
    • Stefanie Patterson, Counselor, Academy at C.F. Thomas
    • Peter Ponce, Coordinator of Assessment, Planning, Assessment & Research
    • Jennifer Putman, Principal, W.A. Porter Elementary School
    • Tiphynee Salazar, Lead Counselor, Haltom High School
    • Regina Walker, ESL & Compliance Coordinator, Federal & State Programs
    • Carrie Welborn, Assistant Principal, O.H. Stowe Elementary

Bids Awarded

  • Approved the bid/purchase for: 

    • Replacement graphing calculators for high school campuses from Eric Armin, Inc.  

    Approved the bids/purchases for: (Monies for this project will come from 2018 Bond funds.) 

    • Chromebooks from Delcom Group and Connection; 
    • Kitchen HVAC replacement at multiple campuses from Enviromatic Services; 
    • Controlled entry furniture at six campuses from Indeco Sales; 
    • Design services for Hardeman Elementary and Watauga Middle School HVAC improvements from EMA Engineering and Consulting; 
    • Kitchen roofing replacement at North Ridge Middle School from Progressive Roofing; 
    • Secure technology charging stations from Howard Technology Solutions; and
    • Furniture for the Collegiate Academy of Birdville from Indeco Sales. 

    Approved the final payment to: 

    • Estes McClure and Associates, Inc. for eletrical system commissioning. 

    Approved the contracts/renewals for: 

    • Pear Deck software from Pear Deck; 
    • PSAT 8/9 and PSAT/NMSQT from College Board; 
    • Property insurance from Scarbrough, Medlin & Associates; 
    • Workers Compensation insurance from Workers’ Comp Solutions; 
    • Liability and auto insurance from Property Casuality Alliance of Texas; 
    • ReadyRosie Early Childhood Readiness software renewal from Pascal Learning; 
    • Skyward software renewal from Skyward, Inc.; 
    • Scoreboard service agreement from Daktronics; 
    • RapidBroadcast and SecureCampus software renewal from Cistera Networks; 
    • Star 360 Universal Screener renewal from Renaissance Learning; 
    • Math Facts software renewal from Imagine Learning; 
    • Writing software renewal from Turnitin, LLC; 
    • Reading A–Z district software licenses renewal from Learning A–Z, LLC; 
    • Reading Universal Screener renewal from Istation; and 
    • Adobe software license renewal from GovConnection, Inc. 

Future Board Meeting

  • Thursday, June 20, 2019, Regular Board Meeting, open session at 7 p.m., Boardroom.

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